Monday, April 23, 2012

Kool Katz

TASMANIAN DEVIL: Tasmanian Devil is a orange and white stray cat that loves Doritos. He is an amazing hunter. He likes to bring his catch inside. Mom doesn't find this funny. I do. Tasmanian Devil is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen!

MACHIAS: Machias is a gray and white cat that loves everyone. And I mean EVERYONE! He'll rub up against you or lick you. He's not a good hunter like Tasmanian. He'd probably just try to lick the prey. Not joking. He's not as pretty as Tas, but he's still pretty. I like him like that.

VEGO: Vego is a beautiful gray cat that is always hunting. Vego is a better hunter than Taz. He is also the youngest. We haven't seen him in a while, but we're not worried because he always comes back. Vego's mother is my sister Caitlin's cat, Spot. His brothers are: Machias, Erikye, Boogie, Britainica, and Caledonian. Taz is not his brother.

ERIKYE: Erikye is a black and white cat that loves to sleep on top a the freezer. He enjoys taking long naps on his little spot. Erikye looks just like his mother. They have the same spots. They could be twins. Erikye is only three years old.

"LITTLE BLACK CAT"- Little black cat is a mystery, he is either Britianica or Caledonian. We think he is Caledonian. But the two are twins so it's hard to tell. They looked the same. One of them died, he got hit by a car, but we don't know which one. So we renamed him Little Black Cat.

Other information: Taz is three years old, Machias is also three, Vego is only two, little black is three, Erikye is three, Zoe is four or five, and Spot is five. Spot and Zoe are sisters. Zoe is gray and stripey. She belongs to my sister, Caitlin, but she still livees here.

You've just met the Kool Katz! Thank you for reading this.

Since Meaghan wrote this yesterday, Vego was spotted outside eating some food on the porch. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, but that doesn't stop the boys from wandering, especially Vego, Erikye and Little Black Cat. We have 3 cats that like to come inside and regularly live with us in our house and around the barns. They are Tasmanian, Machias, and Zoey. The other boys go off hunting and return days, weeks, or sometimes, months later. I would prefer the cats remain tame and live inside. They would prefer to be wild and free, living in the barns and out buildings.

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  1. Great job again Meaghan, I still have a few of your furry babies to meet, I think they must be hiding when I visit. Yeah Vego! Glad he made an appearance.