Jasmine is a Quarter Horse. This picture was taken last summer, while my eldest daughter, Caitlin was giving her a bath and brushing. Jasmine belonged to Caitlin's best friend for several years and when it was time for them to sell her, Caitlin (aged 14 at the time) jumped on the opportunity to buy her for herself, even though that meant getting a part time job to pay for her needs.

 At first, Jasmine was boarded at a friends barn for a few months. Then, with some help from another friend, Sean, Caitlin and I built the shelter for her at our current home in Frankfort. Sean and Caitlin fenced the field for her... and re-fenced the field occasionally when she decided to walk through it. Jasmine is "self retired", though she is capable of being ridden. She has figured out that if she refuses to go near the road and canters back to the field, her humans will allow this bad behavior. We don't mind. She is getting to be an old girl at close to 24 years. Her jumping days may be behind her, but she is as healthy as, well, a horse and provides companionship for us. I love seeing her in the field, even when she is rolling in the dirt or snow- she loves to do both. I love hearing her call. I love it when she nudges me for a treat or whinnies for more grain in her bucket.
Caitlin is now grown and married and our youngest daughter, Meaghan has inherited Jasmine and all the care that goes into this. It has been less than a month, but so far, the arrangement has worked out well. Meaghan feeds her, brushes her, and cares for most of her daily needs. This picture is of Meaghan from last summer, on Jasmine's back, just hanging out with her in the front yard. I see a great friendship forming.
What do you do after your humans spend lots of time washing you and brushing you? You lay down in the grass to give them something else to do with all their spare time, of course!