Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bee's Wax Wrap Give Away 2018

What better way to start off a new year than to gift some of our awesome Bee's Wax Wraps as a "Thank you" for your support of all we do here on the homestead. You can find our wraps in many fine small businesses sprinkled throughout the eastern United States. And, we'd like to thank them, too. You can help! It's easy, I promise!

Please use the Easy Rafflecopter Entry Form below to visit their Facebook Fan Pages. If you haven't "liked" them already, please do! They share great ideas and interesting posts online. And, you'll feel good supporting a small business family. While you are on their page, take a minute to brighten their day by writing a short comment. If you are already a fan of their page, you could just say, "Hi". or post a smiley face. Or, you could tell them how you found them. You could wish them a successful coming year. You could definitely let them know how much you either love or are dying to try out our wraps. Trust me, they want the feedback and so do I. :)

For doing your part to share some FB love, I will give you one entry for each shop you visit and another entry for taking the time to comment on their page. Plus, if you share our give-away with your friends so they can have the same chance to win, I will give you another entry. That's a lot of chances to win! For those of you not connected with Facebook, you can earn an entry by commenting on this post. ****AFTER VISITING THEIR PAGE, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE "I VISITED" BOX ON THE ENTRY FORM TO BE COUNTED.*****

Since there are a lot of you out there, I want to increase the chances of your winning. This year, you could win one of NINE prizes. Three of you will win two packs of our popular sandwich size (12" x 12" wraps). Three more of you will win our new four packs which contain four of our handy bowl sized wraps (9" x 9"). And three others will win 6 packs that contain both prizes above! That's $120 in wraps up for grabs! Just for sharing some online love.

Want a guaranteed win? Read on.... We are hoping to grow this year and be stocked in 50 shops across the USA. You can help. Got a local small business shop in your area that you think would be a GREAT fit for our Bee's Wax Wraps®? Just below this post in our comment section tell us the name of the shop, who we should contact and how to do that (phone, address, web site are all viable options). If you want to make it really easy, snap a picture of their business card and send us that. Or comment a link to their online site and we'll take it from there. We'll contact them and send them a free 2 pack of wraps to sample. We'll send YOU a free sample 2 pack of wraps, too! (Just pay the $3 shipping to you). If they choose to stock our wraps, we'll send you an additional free 6 pack as our thank you for helping us to grow.

Thanks for being part of our lives. We're so happy you're here.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

The First Snow is Coming

It's just after 8 pm. I am in the studio listening to the rhythmic thump of Sean's ax falling on wood. We are expecting the first snow of the year tomorrow night into Sunday morning, up to 7 inches in our area. This is nothing we can't handle, but preparation beforehand goes a long way.

Each thud says, "I will care for you." "You are safe." "I will keep you warm." I know he is tired. Days home are not the same as days off of work. Today Sean spent time cleaning the yard of summer projects and ridding it of unusable things. He repaired the sump pump for us. He picked up our car from the garage. He helped medicate and watch over a goat kid sicken with Meningeal Worm. And, returned two others who had recovered from various maladies back to their herd. He cleaned the dog room and the bathroom. He cut boards into sign stock for me. Then, he visited with my parents and our dear friend, Nancy over a family turkey dinner. It has been a busy day and I am sure he is ready to rest. Instead, he is taking a few more minutes to make sure we are cared for.

There are times my heart feels like it could burst with the love I feel for this man. This is one such moment.