Monday, April 30, 2012

Building a New Barn: Part 2 (April 28, 2012)

 After ten hours of construction, I would feel it reasonable to be tired. Add to our toil, freezing winds gusting all day and temperatures dropping into the 40’s, and I have reason to feel tired and ache EVERYWHERE and... I... do. My fingers ache, my ears ache, my head aches. I also feel just a little guilty sitting in my living room writing this while I listen to Sean, still outside, chopping fire wood so we can have hot showers tonight. In my defense, I did offer to help with the wood, but Sean declined to let me, which I am only too grateful for! I am not sure I can move another foot.

Sean has chili in the crock pot simmering away for when he comes inside thanks to our friend, Cherie. That will be a nice reward for all of his hard work and help to thaw him out. I considered eating something myself, but honestly, I am just not hungry. I haven’t eaten anything today, but I don’t have any indication of an appetite for anything save the promised shower and my welcoming bed.

Phase 2 of our barn raising involved framing out the rest of the barn. We now have a 20x30 shell erected. THAT feels good. We were able to install 2 of the 5 windows we’ll have. (Thanks again, Ryan and Kimmie!) And, we discovered that the ground under the last stall, in what will be the tack room, has an abrupt 8 inch drop off, so though it is screwed together temporarily, nothing else on that side of the building can be done until that situation is remedied. Sean is planning on building a cement form to pour a foundation to support that corner of the barn, but that will have to be a project for another day, maybe next weekend.

You’ll notice that our temporary tarp was no match for the extreme winds. It spent the day ripped and making a terrible racket until Sean rescued us and removed it. It could not be salvaged for any other purpose, so it was thrown away. We knew it would be a short term fix, but we intended it to last more than one week! We ordered plywood to replace the tarp. Thankfully, there is no rain in the forecast for a couple of days and that will give us time to frame up the 2nd floor ceiling, which will double as a roof for now and provide the goats protection from any rain to come.

Goodnight, Friends!

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