Currently, there are three bunnies living with us at Lally Broch. From time to time others pop in for a visit.
Lydian (Lion Head age 2 1/2 years)
Lion Head Doe

Lydian was given to us by a neighbor who did not appreciate her grupus in 2011. Lydian was known to bite her former owners, but has not acted so towards us. She feins and threatens when she is penned, but let lose to run around, she is usually well behaved. Lydian belongs to our daughter, Caitlin.

Boaz (English Agora 3 months old)
English Black Angora Buck

Our 13 year old daughter, Meaghan is in charge of this venture. She'll breed her pair of bunnies twice a year and sell the kits, in addition to learning how to spin fiber into usable angora yarns, which will also be for sale.

Ironically, we purchased this handsome, 12 week old, English Angora buck, at a farm swap 30 miles away, from a neighbor who lives about 5 minutes from us. We spent the ride home deciding on names. I was hoping for Abraham and Sarah, but Meaghan vetoed them immediately. She spent several hours debating the merits of the names Boaz and Zechariah, finally choosing to use them both. Boaz Zechariah Sanders does not exactly flow off the tongue, but since we all call him Bo, I suppose it will do. Meg's doe is going to be named Ruth.
Leo (3 month Miniature Lop-Ear)
Miniature Lop-Eared Buck

Kristen has been asking for a mini lop-eared bunny for months. When we saw a friendly, young buck for only $15.00, we bought him for her. She named him Leo. Though he is not earning his keep monetarily, he is making Kristen very happy with his company. And, thankfully, bunnies are fairly inexpensive to keep.

Bunnies are a lovely addition to any homestead. Over the years, we have cared for several different breeds.
Brighid (Velveteen Rex 6 1/2 years old)
Brighid was purchased from Foster's Family Pet Center by Sonja in 2006 as a baby bunny. For some unknown reason, Brighid has always wheezed a bit as if she were allergic to something, but it does not stop her from being very active. She also barks, grunts, and is extremely vocal.

Old age in Bunnies is around 5-6 years, and with that in mind coupled with Brighid's ability to escape her pen at her whim, we allowed her to be a "free range yard bunny" this year while the weather was agreeable. If this is to be one of her last years, we want her to enjoy them the best she can. Brighid moved back inside our home through the winter and was again our yard bunny until the fall of 2013, when she passed. Brighid was 8 years old.

Nana with Thumper (Netherland Dwarf 7 years)
This picture was taken of my Nana Midge and Kristen's bunny, Thumper in 2010. Thumper came to us from a friend of Sean's in 2009. He was already nearly 5 years old at that time. He lived with us for another 2 years, but died at 7 years of age in 2011.

Thumper was a very sweet lad, but had the most peculiar habit of licking you while you pet him. Quite alarming at first, we all got used to his strange habit.

He is missed very much.

Edith (Netherland Dwarf age 3 years)
Edith was a young Netherland Dwarf given to us by a friend who could not keep her anymore. She was absolutely sweet of disposition and no trouble at all.

Sadly, Edith was only with us for only a few months when she succumbed to an impaction in her bowels and died. It was such a sad loss because she was so young and it was an unexpected passing. POST HERE.