Monday, April 23, 2012

Jedi "helping" tarp the new barn

We had hoped to get farther along in the building of the new barn, but with a Special Assembly Day on Saturday, a day of needed rest and work on this inside of this home on Sunday's rainy afternoon, followed by torrential rains today, it was not to be. We were able to frame up three 10'x10' rooms, sheathed the bottom portion of these and tarped the roof to help protect the critters from the wet.

The goats enjoying the shade in their new stall.

Jedi was intently interested in helping with the building process. Like Visa, Jedidiah was "everywhere Sean wanted to be." This delighted me, to be honest. Sean less so. I was a little nervous that Jedi would try to play with the ladder (with his horns) to the detriment of Sean's life or limb. There were a couple of test butts, but Sean remained on the ladder and intact to my relief. After, I helped Sean by holding the tarp in place while he secured it, Sean rewarded Jedi by playing with him in the field.

The photo on the right is of old barn totally gone and two 10'x10' rooms are framed and an old tarp thrown over to provide shade.
The lower picture shows the three 10'x10' rooms framed. We had started sheathing the building.  

The next phase is to frame out the milk room, tack room, and kidding stalls. These will also double as isolation areas in case an animal must be separated for a short period of time. The rain is supposed to end this week, so the work will commence, again.

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