Thursday, April 5, 2012

Asher and Abigail (April 5)

Chores first, shower later.
Ellie with Abigail peeking out.
Sean with Asher.
 The little darlings were awake and playful this morning, even though the temps were chilly to my hands and nose. Momma Ellie, looking bright eyed and ready to be back to her schedule, has begun to paw at the separating wall between her stall and the freedom of the paddock and her friends. Sean and I discussed allowing her to access the field, but decided that since we both had to be away from the house today, it would be better to wait until tomorrow when I could be home to keep an eye out. I am not convinced that not allowing her this freedom is a protection for her little ones. Sean informed me last night, when he arrived home from work, Asher was in the horse stall, curled up and sleeping in the corner. That makes us very worried, since apparently, the slats are such that the kids can walk through, but Momma, can't. Sean is going to remedy that situation at lunch today.

Perhaps, it would be best to reintroduce Momma into the herd now? I don't know. I am finding that just as I became comfortable with our growing herd, I am back to square one with the addition of the kids. Much like I felt as a new mother myself, I worry and obsess about their health, safety, and happiness. And, I am ever convinced, I am doing it all wrong. I am consoled to remember, that I have raised/am raising 4 human children from conception to adulthood and so far, they are all still alive and kicking. I have interviewed (read that pestered, grilled, almost... what is word...interrogated) several knowledgeable goat farmers personally. Read and own several books on the subject; these, of course, are never far from my hand. Searched the Internet for answers when all else failed. We have a wonderful vet only 5 minutes from our home. And, the rest of the herd is healthy and happy. It is just this is new and different, therefore, worry and fear... and feel wonder at it all.

If  I make it through this experience without losing all my hair, the master plan is to breed Pepper and Rachel to Jedi this Mid-Fall. If Asher is so inclined by late Fall, we plan to breed him to Leah. Momma Ellie and baby Abigail will not be bred this year. With the prospect of 3 does pregnant this year, with kids to follow in the Spring, I have a lot more to do and to learn before I feel completely equipped and confident.

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  1. I know you said they were small, you can really get a sense of how small they are with you guys holding them. Soo wittle! Looks like Baby Asher put his head in a white paint bucket. Too cute!