Monday, April 9, 2012

Asher and Abigail (April 7)

I am still getting the hang of embedding video clips and it is definitely a learning process!

I couldn't resist sharing this clip of the kids playing on the wood stacked in their paddock. They LOVE to climb and play, all the goats do. A favorite game is to be "King of the Pile". Most of the time, Jedi wins by default when the Does choose not to engage him in play, preferring to wander off to munch on nettles or dandelions instead. Sometimes, Ellie will decide the boy needs to be put in his place, and gives him a run for his money. Fascinating, how this curiosity and behavior are programmed into them. In this footage, the kids are only days old, and yet, they are already drawn to climbing on and exploring their wood stack.

That's all for now. It is a rainy, dreary day around the farm today and the animals have all wisely decided to remain inside and dry, save the ducks who find this weather to their liking; they have been laying in their yard, oblivious to the liquid sunshine, all morning! I prefer to stay where I am warm and dry, too, so I won't venture out to play today, either. Hope this breaks soon!

Sonja ♥
Sonja ♥

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