Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abigail and Asher Playing April 15, 2012

These kids are so full of mischief! Running and playing for hours, a quick drink from Mom, a short snooze and it is back to romping once again. Rachel and Leah often get into the act, bucking heads and tusseling in good fun. I could watch them play all day and did for hours at a time while simultaneously holding up walls while Sean secured them into place.

Only 2 weeks old, the kids have found their footing (most of the time); they climb onto and around anything they can find! This day, it was part of the old wall, momentarily dropped into their field.

Like cats with catnip, none of the goats could resist dancing on the boards and sliding down them. Pepper thought the cedar shingles were delicious. Jedi tried his share, too, but decided that fresh plywood and the pallets we put up across the doorways temporarily, to prevent them out from under our feet or escaping, were more to his taste. Goats really will try to eat just about anything!

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