Friday, April 27, 2012

More rain???

We woke this morning for gray skies and liquid sunshine falling. But, that did not hinder me from ordering some lumber that we need to finish framing out the lower decks of the barn. Our goal is to spend less than $750 for the entire project and I had to spend $248 on today's order. That brings our total to sit at $398, so far.

Yesterday, I visited my sister, Kelli and picked up a huge container with vet supplies in it. It is still living in the trunk of my car, but I am looking forward to going through my loot tonight! I love presents, especially, useful ones!

Sean and I did peek and pulled out the weight tape. We measured Abigail and Asher who came in weighing 19 pounds and 25 pounds, respectively. I am not sure it is accurate, though. We measured Jedi and he came in at 150 pounds, which does seem accurate. Pepper taped up at 75 pounds and Rachel measured 56 pounds. I am thinking about taking them up the road to our vet and plopping them on their scale to see how accurate the tape is compared to reality. I don't think I will manage that today, though.

Today, I have to focus on getting the other chores done in preparation for tomorrow's marathon building day. Our friends, the Cristoforo family, are pitching in to help finish framing out the barn with us tomorrow morning. With 3 extra pairs of hands, we are certain to make a good days work of it. Our hope is to have it completely framed out by tomorrow's close and maybe, we'll celebrate with a small bonfire. That would be so nice.

It is such a blessing to have willing friends who offer to help out when it is needed. And, it makes necessary chores that much more enjoyable. Last fall, we and some other friends gathered to help the Cristoforo's get roughly 8 cords of wood cut to length and stacked in their barn in preparation for winter. Then, they returned the favor by helping us stack our wood. Sean helped put in a window and repaired some roofing. It is an old saying, but it's true nonetheless, "Many hands make light work!"

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of tomorrow's work for you all. I hope you have a happy day!
Sonja ♥


  1. Friends are awesome! If I lived up there I promise I would be helping too.

  2. I know you would! And, you would totally be AWESOME at it!