Saturday, April 7, 2012

Abigail and Meaghan April 6, 2012

So, I have figured out that I may have the slooooowwwwweeeessssttttt Internet speed known in the free world. What that means to me is that a 15 second video clip takes about an hour to upload. What that means to you is that I will be about a day behind in uploading any video clips, so check back often for them, friends. In the meanwhile, I will try to include still pictures of the day's doings.

I try to spend some time each day with the new babies, individually. I want them to be very tame and not to fear us. They will eventually know and respond to their own names. It also gives me an opportunity to look them over for any signs that there might be something wrong. Usually, this time is spent outside with them or in their stall.

Sometimes, especially at night or when Sean is not home to protest, I might bring one of them inside with me. The first obvious question is, "What if they relieve themselves or leave pellets inside." This is possible, of course, but has not happened yet. They are only inside for short periods of time and most of that time, they are curled in my lap being petted.

Yesterday, Meaghan and Kristen were home from school and it posed the perfect opportunity to capture some footage of them interacting with the new goats. Kristen declined to be photographed for this post, but Meaghan was only too willing. And, keep your eyes peeled for some posts from her soon!

I have video of this and will attempt its upload later tonight, but for now, I wanted to share these pictures. Our terrier, Buster, was very excited to play with this new creature. But, after a short romp, Abigail was ready for a nap.

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  1. You have two beautiful girls there, and Buster is a cutie too. Tell Kristen I know she is gorgeous as well.