Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meaghan with Jasmine April 2011.AVI

I reminded Meaghan to brush out Jasmine when she got home from school today. Meaghan inherited Jasmine from her older sister, Caitlin who married and moved into a city, not the best environment for keeping a horse. Jasmine has been part of our family for the past 5 years and during that time, Meaghan has learned to feed her, brush her, and ride bare-backed. "Ride" might be an overstatement, since Jasmine routinely refuses to go farther than 10 feet away from her feed bucket, but Meg sits on her back, facing forwards or backwards, fearlessly.

Jasmine loves to roll in mud and snow. The snow is not so bad, being made of water in the frozen state, it has the added benefit of almost washing her. Mud, on the other hand... not so much. Her most favorite time to roll in the field is after a good washing, of course.

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