Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lord of the Dance

This video has been a long time in the creating. It was probably too ambitious an undertaking for my limited skill level- truth be told, but I had an interesting time putting it together. The difficulty came in trying to splice video footage on a rapid tempo that continued escalating and changing! After 3 days of playing with it, I am satisfied (aka so tired of watching it repeatedly in whole and in parts and fiddling with it that I announced, "Enough!" whether I should have or not.)

Kimmy Jo, there is a part where a black hen (Australorp) attacks and tears a chunk of feathers from a young chick. I added the footage because it made sense to the story and because it is what happened. I want you to know, though, when it happened, I stopped filming and addressed the situation. I shooed the Australorp away a couple of times. When it became clear that the adult hen would not stop pushing around the chicks to an excessive degree, (some pecking is to be expected as they sort things out among themselves) both Australorp hens were removed to the chicken tractor with Rufeo. They are thriving and eating fresh grass and bugs to their little chicken hearts content. So, it is all okay. I just wanted to warn you and also add this as a sort of disclaimer. Unlike nature programs, this photographer interferes when the beasts can't play nice together.

So, with that, I present... Lord of the Dance. Enjoy!

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  1. Dale and I really enjoyed it. And I thought the cahange in action was very well timed to the change in music. The video of Abby dancing is much appreciated since we had left the Celtic Festival by then. Thanks.

  2. Another great video! Our cockerel (about 5 mos old) just danced for the hens for the first time today. He is learning, slowly but surely.

    I love watching "chicken soccer" with tomatoes! I have witnessed the same scene within our flock :)

  3. Love the video! You did a great job on it.

  4. Great video, I will show Abby when she gets back from her Nannas. She is quite the dancer, as are your fluffy critters.

  5. Good use of music and video. Looking forward to the next. cherie