Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Month in Review...

With only a few hours left in 2014 and a few days left in our little Pop Up Shop, I wanted to take some time today to compile that month long journey. I think that it will be fun for me to look back during the months ahead when there are no craft shows or art markets to attend and remember what it was like to have a little shop front with some tremendously talented people.

I hope you enjoy this video presentation. If you have visited our shop, you'll recognize the music as it has played on a loop nearly every minute we were open. We grew to encompass 37 MidCoast Maine Artisans. How cool is that??? We are open until January 10th. Our hours are from 11 am -7 pm, but I am there most days as early as 10 am.
Please, if you are in the area, drop in to visit.

Upcoming Events:

Chair Massage with Judith Perrenod, LMT. 

If you can't come on Saturday, no worries. You will have another opportunity to come on
Monday, January 5th Chair Massage with Wendy Leach, LMT 10:00 am - 5 pm.
Only $1/minute to relax those stresses away. 

Media Articles About the Pop Up Shops in Bucksport: 

Channel 2 News Story

Channel 5 News Story

Bangor Daily News


It has been a whirl wind adventure. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Sean and Sonja ♥

Monday, December 22, 2014

Barn Time, Sleeping Puppies, and Shop News

I finally ventured into the barn for a minute to see the critters. I crept quietly. It was early morning and I did not want to wake them if they were peaceful. I know myself. I know how much I miss them. Their soft, goaty "meh"s would tug at my heart and I would be lost.

First, I encountered Ebony asleep in a mound of hay at the base of the stairs. The tell-tale empty bag of grain lay were she left it the night before. When Sean went in to get some grain for the goats and chickens, he discovered that Miss Ebony had helped herself to the bags. What she did not eat was strewn about the hay on the floor, wasted. Thankfully, both bags were nearly empty and so she did not eat herself ill, but this did not make for a happy Sean.

The Guineas were all awake and content to poke around in the rafters upstairs. I could hear the youngest of our chicks scratching. When they saw me, they lined up, waiting in eager expectation for their dish to be filled for the day. Haddie was the only goat roused, but the loose barn roos and hens were alert and watching for any grain that might be filched. They were out of luck this morning- Sean would be feeding them later.

Back inside, Miss Molly took over the newly emptied bed and was joined by Tasmanian. I didn't have the heart to kick them out of my bed- especially since it was laundry day and Krissy was due to wash bedding for me anyway.

This shop has been a blessing. It is a way for me to be free to create through the winter months when there are no shows and store sales have slowed down- without feeling as if I have left Sean to care for all the finances on his own. He doesn't feel that way and is quick to point it out when I mention carrying that guilt, but I feel better knowing that I am squirreling away something to help while I spend the rest of the winter holed up in my studio visiting with whatever muse decides to descend. Sacrifices are being made by everyone in order to bring this blessing to fruition. Time with Molly is one of them. I make sure to give lots of hugs and snuggles before I leave and when I come home, but again, I carry the guilt.

On Sunday, Sean came to the shop with me. Since we were only going to be there for a few hours, we decided to bring Molly along with us. It took her about 20 minutes to settle in, but before long, she was ready to be a shop pup, greeting people at the door with a wagging tail. Between visits, Molly spent her time looking out the door waiting for her next best pal, curled up under the desk, or out for walks to explore the area with Sean. I would love to bring her each day, but at only a year old, she has too much energy for me to curb while giving my best to our guests. We'll be done soon and everything will return to normal.

Every day the shop changes. Artisans bring in replacement work to fill in spaces where their items had sold and new artisans join us. At this moment, we have 36 Mid-coast Maine Artisans involved in the shop and are awaiting 2 others to join our ranks. I thought you might be interested in seeing some of our newest finds. :)

Cameron DePaola, who starts our non-GMO, organic seeds for us each Spring recycles planters and creates lovely succulent plantings. He grows them from baby slips. I have my eye on this banana plant, which will get quite tall and grow bananas!
October Fields Farm brought in some freshly dried organic herbs and 3-packs of 100% cotton wash cloths to go along with their vegan, soy candle and melt selection. They smell heavenly!

Wine caddies from Verona Wine and Design, healthy succulents, felted vases and woven purses from Rose Whitehead Fiber Fabrication add some color to the back wall. Amy Thompson just brought in this lovely print of one of her original water colors of Isle Au Haute. 

Braided wool ladies purses or totes from Nancy Heald are meant to last.

Jim and Teresa England of The Woodshaper Shop of Maine brought in a new mudder and fire truck with  removable and extendable ladders. Know any little boy who would like that? I do! 
I really appreciate all of the friends who have supported this venture by stopping in and commenting their well wishes to us. It really means a lot. And, a special thank you and shout out to Amanda H. for lifting my spirits this week when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with it all. Your treat is in the mail. ;)

Sonja ♥

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pop Up Updates!

I miss caring for the animals. I miss just visiting with the animals. I miss alien eyes full of speculation as to what treat I may have with me. I miss muddy hooves that magnetically land on newly laundered coats. I miss the smell of the barn and of goats, horse, and pig living snug in close quarters. I miss the rat-tat-tat of the male guinea birds. With setting up shop and caring for the day-to-day, I don't have the time or energy to even pop in to say "Hi.". Sean is caring for it all. And, while I appreciate all that that entails, I miss being a part of it.

And, consequently, you miss images to go along with updates from the homestead. Sean is not big on the picture taking. I can't blame him a bit. When you are single-handedly moving a disgruntled pig into the barn, you need all your attention focused on the the task in front of you. The same holds true for trimming hooves, worming animals, and cleaning out stalls- all of which has happened in the last month, multiple times. And, then, there were the ice storms that knocked out power three times in November-December.

In another three weeks, the shop will close its doors and life will begin it's regular rhythm once more. I will miss that, too. We are considering the possibility of beginning a long-term cooperative shop. But, that is a decision for another day.

For today, we have changed around our shop, added several new artisans, and I wanted to share some pictures of it with you.
Rose Whitehead Fiber Fabrications
Verona Wine & Design,
Amy Thompson, Artist
Depaola Succulents
Terekins Landing Tile Mosaics

Foxfire Design Studio
 This scene is an assortment of felted wall hangings from Rose Whitehead, matted watercolor by Amy Thompson, beaded wall decor by Teresa Vandy of Terekins Landing, and Cameron Depaola succulents.

The Woodshaper Shop of Maine. Jim and Teresa England combine their talents to create goods from wood; shaped, bent, or cut, their products are built to last. 

Fingerless Gloves and Mittens from: One Woman Studio River Wind Woolies Creations by Rose, Snow Wimzees on a shelf, an assortment of tactile, imagination toys from Storyteller Moon and The Woodshaper Shop of Maine.  

 Fleece lined, suede mittens or fingerless designs are sure to please. Adorable and practical! :)
On Tuesday, Gene Bowden popped into the shop carrying an assortment of original acrylic paintings. Many of them were sea-themed, all of them were stunning and we were thrilled to provide temporary homes for seven of his pieces. Mr. Bowden is 87 years old and lives just down the street from the shop. He worked at the mill for 30 years and built four residential homes in Bucksport, Maine. Now, retired, he paints.

Each week, we welcome new artisans to our cooperative. This week, we have added watercolor paintings by Amy Thompson, pen and ink cards by Casey Thompson, felted imaginative toys by Storyteller Moon, and paper-smithed cards by Bethany Smith. We anticipate adding balsam sachets, hand-made dolls, and glass-work stylus and pencils. Each week something new gets added to our shelves and new friends are met.

This Saturday, December 13th, you are invited to our "Meet the Artisan" event from 2-4 pm. Julie Maddock of Maddock Stitches, Chris Gray of Riff Wood Picks, Teresa England of the Woodshaper Shop of Maine, and I will be painting eggshell jewelry. Enjoy live music, by local Bagpiper, David Weeda. We hope to see you soon.

Sonja ♥