Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hiking With Goats

As a reward for our hard work getting several fencing areas expanded, changed around, or revamped over the weekend, Sean, our girls and I took some time out to hike up Mount Waldo with some dear friends of the human variety and Delilah. It was the first hike of what we hope will be many hikes this year. We'll see.

Since it was so late in the day and we were all tired, we opted to stop at the turn out instead of continuing all the way to the quarry's peaceful watery scene. It was enough. Even the hordes of biting black flies could not dampen our young people's enthusiasm and fun.
Kristen, Meaghan, Daniel & Aidan
Delilah had never been hiking with us, but she enjoyed exploring and munching on brush. Unlike Haddie and Judah's first experience, Delilah did not immediately skip around the granite blocks, but instead picked her way through them cautiously.

The girls scampered to the top much more interested in exploring than Delilah. It is a long way up, but the view was worth it!
Success! At the peak!

Wild strawberries are all in bloom. In another month, these will bear sweet, red strawberries. YUM...

Delilah was not interested in the strawberry blossoms, but she enjoyed her fill of leaves. Leaves did not seem appealing for us. We went for ice cream at Wilson's Country Market. What a fantastic ending to our day!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit tonight. We're so glad you came.
Sonja ♥

Friday, May 16, 2014

Grazing... At Last!

The weather took longer to break this year. Besides the other obvious difficulties this posed, it also meant a higher than normal hay/grain bill. Most years we expect to have the goats back to browsing in April. This year, we were a month behind! A month may not seem like a long time, but when looked at in terms of our feed bill, those 30 days cost us roughly an additional $500 in feed. Around these parts, that is a whole lotta cabbage!

At first, all the goats wandered about filling their bellies on the novelty of grass before they meandered into the woods to browse on tender shoots of leaves, brushy scrub and pine needles. When we put the goats up for the night, they had HUGE, happy bellies!

Jesse is growing so quickly! He was born late February making him nearly 3 months old now, but he is very nearly the same height and weight as our yearlings! If he fulfills his promise, Jesse will be quite a large buck!

Elisha and Naomi enjoyed filling their stomachs with greens instead of hay and grains. Naomi is a beautiful 3 year old Nigerian Dwarf- our sole doe of this breed. She is not pregnant, just sporting a good "field belly".
Like Jesse, Eli is growing fast. Eli is grazing in front of Delilah, a lamancha yearling from last year in this picture. Eli is naturally polled, meaning that his horns will not grow out. He is one of the bucks we'll have available for sale this year. We'll be asking $100 for him.
Ellie smiling in the shade of one of the compost bins. Doesn't she look content? 

Keziah is the only doe born to us this year. We'll be keeping her and hope she is as sweet a lass as her mother, Rachel. So far, she is friendly and easy-going. She does not display the same raucous playfulness as the bucks, but she is content to be petted and loved. I love her striking markings on her head and the spots along her spine. ♥

Jedidiah (Jedi) is now 4 years old. He watches over his girls and leads them to the woods to browse. Though they follow him willingly, more and more, I see our 2 year old, Asher taking the lead within the herd. Don't feel too badly for the ole Jedi, though. According to our plan, Jedi was not meant to father any goat kids this year, but still managed to give Eli to Leah.

Yearlings, Delilah and Cassie will be bred to Asher this fall for their first kidding. Their coloring should produce some beautiful kids. Their line should produce some bountiful milk. If they pass along their sweet, docile personalities, whoever purchases their kids will have hit the jackpot in my opinion.
Haddie's lad, Amos is growing slow and steady. He is a bouncy, bright, and healthy boy, so I am not worried about his small size. It does make me suspicious, though. He just might have been sired by Zacchaeus. The markings are right and so is his diminutive size. The other potential sire (and the more likely culprit) is Asher, which explains Amos' elf ears. And, this is what happens when goats break through livestock fencing and/or doors built from 2x4s all in the pursuit of amore.

I hope that this year's season progresses with more decorum, but then I am reminded that I am considering the antics of clever goats and begin preparations for stronger fencing.

I captured some video of the goats at play and am working on editing it now. I hope to have it ready in a bit for you.

Thanks for visiting with us today, friends. I am very glad you came.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Made in Maine Give Away ♥

What happens when some very talented Maine Artists get together to host a give-away?

Check it out!

Nancy Tang has offered these Dichroic Glass Magnets from Glass Orchids in Frankfort, Maine. Glass Orchids is known for creating high quality glass jewelry, accessories, and dishes in over 100 unique dichroic glass designs.

You can WIN a tin of their colorful, fun magnets. The winner of this prize will also receive 10% off on May 10th at their gallery's season opening. Glass Orchids is open Saturdays from 10am-5pm and by appointment. They are located at 28 North Searsport Road, Frankfort, Maine 04438. Visit them online at to see all their latest creations!

WINNER: Jen Tochterman

 Studio Three 14 is "womanned" by a fantastic mother-daughter team. Together, Carla and Sammie bring you fabulous, one-of-a-kind creations. They specialize in creating hand-inked glass ornaments, whimsical mosiac tiled mirrors, and a unique line of jewelry. As part of this fun give-away, they are offering, for one FB fan, these lovely brass dragonfly and shell earrings. Visit them online to see all their latest creations at Or, see their creations in person at Silkweeds in Searsport and Celtic Moon Rising in Brewer.


Handcrafted lampwork beads from the coast of Maine. About four years ago, Tammi Short was inspired to began a new adventure; learning to create glass beads and Blueberry Bay Beads was born. The love she has for her craft is evident in every bead she creates.

Now, you can win one of her beautiful creations for yourself. One winner will win this glass lampwork bead pendant, accented with copper wire-work. To see more of Tammi's designs and read about what is happening in the studio, visit her at  If you are in the area, stop into Silkweeds on Route One to see a wide selection of Blueberry Bay Beads creations.


Offering a variety of items from classic wooden toys to bent wood garden accents, Maine cedar garden benches, and accessories, The Woodshaper Shop of Maine brings quality and beauty to your home and garden.

One winner will receive a sweet bent wood heart creation similar to the one shown. Each heart is different and unique, just like you. Visit The Woodshaper Shop of Maine online to see all their quality products at Or, stop into The Lupine Cottage on Route One to see their products in person.


How fun is this coffee inspired table runner from Cherrie Creations? Cherie loves to create whimsical, fun home decor and haute couture doll fashions to fit any 18" doll. Her latest designs feature animal inspired prints. See what fantastic new items she is stitching up in her studio; visit online Cherrie Creations

One winner will win this table runner.


Lastly, one winner will win an original mosaic eggshell pendent from us, Lally Broch Farm. We are a small, Maine family homestead with big ideas! Our very different "no-kill" approach to farming led us to develop and create a beautiful and unique kind of jewelry from the eggshells from our family's hens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guineas. Our ladies lay eggs when they are young. We sell these to friends and neighbors who want farm fresh eggs for their families tables. From those eggs used here on the farm, some are used as natural slug deterrents in the garden, some are ground up as a natural calcium source, and others are used to create beautiful baubles to wear. Our hens retire to free-range and live out their natural lives on the farm. Chicken retirement. It was a hard winter and we suffered some losses. Currently, we are home to about 10 hens who no longer lay eggs. The other 60 who are laying regularly support them. You can find a selection of our designs in Maine at Silkweeds (Searsport), Out of the Woods (Belfast), Celtic Moon Rising (Brewer), Shore Shop Gifts (Isle Au Haut), and The Rose Cottage (Indialantic, FL).


We're very excited to share in this Made in Maine Give Away! For your free chance to enter, follow the instructions below. Winners will be chosen at random on Saturday May 10th. Winners will have 24 hours to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be awarded to new winners. 

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