Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Pig in a Blanket...

What a busy day so far!

Sean replaced the copper piping from the kitchen sink that has not been draining properly for a week, with new pvc pipes. We shall know in a few minutes if it is repaired- meaning: the sink will drain, my dishwasher will work, and neither of these things will flood into the basement. All that remains is to clean and sanitize all the dishes that have been just sitting, waiting to be washed and to scour the basement floor which has caught its share of nasty water during the week's "fixing" of it. I am so proud and happy to be married to a man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, try new things (even when he's out of his comfort zone), and NEVER gives up.

 I can happily report.... IT WORKS!!!

After he got the new pipes plumbed, he replaced my lawn mower belt. I took that time to load a wagon full of fire wood to get the girls started on that chore, when they get home today and I replanted some flowers into new pots and planted some lettuce in pots for the porch. Once the mower was again in business, I mowed the back lawn and Sean finished the fencing around the new Piggie house and emptied the shed of it's winter burden of odds and ends. These Sean will sort and move whatever is of value tobe kept into his wood shed and he will dispose of the rest. We bartered with our friend Laurie some eggs and grocery items for 2 hours of her weeding in my back flower garden. While Sean and I were working on our yard projects, she went to work! She did a fantastic job! And, brought us some rhubarb, too. I think I will make some apple rhubarb crisp for Sean's dessert tonight.

 It took us about 45 minutes to coax the pot bellies to leave their home on the hill and move to their new spacious yard. They were not pleased with the idea. Patches gave in to her stomach and followed a tub of food into the new pen. Ebony was having none of that! She grunted and growled. She walked three times the distance in the wrong direction. Sean tried rigging a leash for her. I tempted her with grain. Nothing was moving that pig! Finally, Sean grabbed an old blanket. We wrangled Ebony onto it, and with Sean lifting one side and me hoisting the other, we carried her squealing and unhappy down the hill and to the side of her new pen. I had the head, so I opened that side. Deciding any fate was better than another ride like the one just experienced, she walked into the pen of her own accord and immediately started digging up some muddy bits.

This is hog heaven. Some green grass, some fresh dirt to dig in, fresh hay in the 8'x8' water proof stable with a nice window for added light. The building lists to the left, but that shouldn't bother its new guests. (The overall plan is to completely replace their housing next spring, after the barn is finished this year.) And, we still need to fix the door, which had lost one of its hinges over the winter, but that is an easy fix. Later this summer, when the chicken coop gets its new cedar shingles, the pig palace will get new cedar shingles, too. So, we are not done, but it is an honest start to our day. And, as I write this, both piggies have wagging tails and a happy countenance.

Now, Sean is getting us some hot water for much deserved showers and I am sitting for a minute debating on what to have for breakfast, since it is past 4 pm already. I am thinking cheeseburgers on the grill and salad. I am exhausted, but the dishes are washing, the wood is getting stacked, the sun is shining and this country girls is very, very happy.

Have a great day, friends. I hope you enjoy the sunshine.
Sonja ♥

PS. If the ducklings are girls, their names are Becky and Kimmy. If boys, Dale and Ryan. And, if there is a mixture, well, we'll see!

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  1. Glad the piggies are happy! Also glad your pipes are fixed!