Monday, May 14, 2012

Rachel & Leah Video (May 12, 2012)

While Sean was working on getting more of the chicken coop roofed Saturday night, I settled myself onto the bale of hay to watch the goats enjoy their evening. The kids were running around, tustling with each other. Momma Ellie was busy nibbling green shoots of vegetation in the field. Pepper had her fill of the hay, took a drink of water and then settled for a nap by the gate. I thought that her leg was in an odd angle, but she must not have minded that, since she continued in that position for quite some time! Leah and Rachel were quite industriously munching on hay through the fence (as you can hear in the video). The snorting discernible toward the end of the video was of Jedi sniffing my ear and shoulder, deciding if I might be more tasty than the hay. Thankfully, he decided that I was unlikely to and he returned to eating the hay, too. I couldn't help snapping a few pictures!

He's such a goofball sometimes!

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  1. Such sweet girls, and yes, Jedi has quite the personality!