Monday, May 21, 2012

One Duckling Arrives: Video

Meaghan was eager to show me when I arrived home from work just after 1:30 pm today, to see this! One duckling, (not the one that was further along last night, mind) had worked its way already out and was very nearly dry! The other duckling is peeping away, but seemed uninterested in finishing the business at hand.

I grabbed a clean, warm towel and cuddled the duckling to help warm it- sure wish I knew if it was a drake or a hen!- before placing it in the 10 gallon tank we are using as a brooder. Meg and I added the water dish and I dipped its tiny beak in the water, to show where it was located. Then, I left it alone, meaning, I did not touch it, but I took lots of video and pictures!

"Little hatched duck" was peeping up a storm one second and taking a siesta, the next. The tank is set to 98 degrees at duck level at the warmest side. "LHD" stumbled around the tank, peeping as it went . I felt so badly, that it has no Momma to cuddle up under or bond with and no brother or sister to snuggle with, at the moment. Eventually, I gave in to its insistent, little peeps, wrapped it in a cloth and tucked it gently into the top of my shirt. It settled down almost immediately, after attempting to taste my neck a time or two, that tickled!

As I write this it is 3 pm. Other duckling has made slightly more progress, but is not budging outside that egg, yet! It is so hard not to just go over and peel it out! But, I am controlling myself and bonding with "little shirt duckling" instead, who is napping right now contentedly warmed by my body heat, listening to the sound of my heart beating. Time enough to cuddle "new duckling" tonight.

We've got to get these "peeps" some names! Any thoughts?
Sonja ♥

As a side note: You may notice in the pictures and video that the incubator has some unhatched chicken eggs in the automatic turner. When the ducklings began to hatch, we turned off the automatic engine, and began turning the chicks by hand. Once the other duckling hatches and is dry, we will remove it to the safety of the brood tank. I do not recommend hatching in this manner. We were in a bind when the duck eggs began disappearing, so we used our incubator very cautiously in a tandem hatch for a few days. As an additional precaution, we removed 2 rows of egg turning yellow brackets, so the ducks would have more room to hatch in safety. Again, it worked this time, for the ducks, (any success remains to be seen for the chicks) but I would not recommend doing this, if you have any other option open to you.

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