Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ducks Enoying a Bath: Video May 20, 2012

I should be in bed, but I can't sleep until I have some kind of resolution for the ducklings to be. I suppose I should also be concerned about Sean, who has bravely disassembled the drain to the kitchen sink and is currently persevering trying to unclog the pipe amidst water dripping on his head, in the basement. I would lend him a hand, but other than passing him a bucket, he does not need me and has requested I not assist with this mess. I was not about to argue the point! It looked nasty when I peeked down there a few minutes ago.

At 9:58 pm, we have a few pips in the eggs, some white membrane showing through, but no ducklings, yet! This is almost as bad as being in actual labor with the waiting and pacing and watching for progress. My biggest fear is that they will tire, won't be able to break through the inner membrane and die so close to the end, suffocating inside their eggs. This waiting is just awful!

10:50 pm, No progress on the sink, but both ducklings  pecked several cracks in the outer shell of their eggs, but had not gotten through either the outer of the inner membranes. We were now past 24 hours from the pips. I had to help. I was just sick with worry. Carefully, I candled the egg, to see where the duckling was. I could see the outline clearly, so I cautiously and gently just poked the membrane with a tiny sewing needle. No blood. I slowly and very, very tentatively edged it open, just wide enough so the duckling could breathe. I could see the tine beak! At this point, Sean joined me and we assisted the other duckling in the same manner and replaced them into the incubator to keep them warm. Now that I know they have air and can hear them peeping, I feel much better.

Now...  more waiting! This is going to be a lengthy night.

12:31 am, no hatching yet, plenty of peeping and a trace of blood on the inner membrane where the ducklings beak is moving about. We are sleeping in the living room upstairs tonight. Me, on the couch and Sean, on the floor, so we can check them frequently. The brooder (This being currently a 10 gallon aquarium, which will be easy to regulate the temperature and stay free from drafts, until they graduate into the wire cage we've used for chicks with good results) is all set up and waiting complete with light and soft towel to receive any babies. I am knackered! I can barely type. I have to get some rest. Sean is playing his game boy. I don't know how he can do that, but right now, I am glad for it.

5 am, no ducklings, still, but we are up an extra horse, courtesy of our across the street neighbors. Their lovely lady, Cowgirl wants to be friends with Jasmine in the worst way. This is the third day in a row that she has jumped her fence to visit us. We don't mind, since our animals have sporadically decided to forsake their intended homes to explore the vicinity. It happens. I do feel badly for them. I know what it is like to try, in vain, to constrain the sometimes wanton beasts of our field. Sean kindly, walked Cowgirl home and then, got up to start the wood fired furnace, so our girls could have hot showers before school.

I feel like the walking dead. Early to bed tonight, I think.
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  1. So exciting! Maybe Cowgirl and Jasmine can have play dates.