Monday, May 14, 2012

Chickens Enjoying a Dirt Bath: Video (May 13)

I couldn't help it. I had to take some footage of this.

The hens have dug out the corner of their yard, inconveniently in the way of the entrance gate. When the weather is dry, they pile into the hole, fluff up their feathers and wash themselves with the dry dirt. They never understand the concept of when the hole is full and often pile all together, squawking loudly as a hen occasionally gets dislodged from the best spot.
Buff Orpington has a magnificent red comb & wattle.
Since I was already attempting to video this, I thought to attempt to capture a good representative picture of each breed of chicken currently kept at our farm. Photographing chickens is not an easy task! They are clever, fast, and disinclined to sit still or remain looking at the camera for even a second!

Buff Orpington (back) Americauna (front)
Buffy had already enjoyed her dirt bath for the day and was busily preening her feathers into place when I caught this picture on Saturday.

Americauna Hen
Our Americauna named Jovi was the most difficult of the hens to photograph. She is extremely skittish of humans. Still fairly young at nearly 10 months old, we are hopeful that in time, she might settle and at least, tolerate human attention. At the moment, she prefers to be "hands off!" Besides the beautiful blue eggs she lays, I love her striking brown and black plumage. We have two of her eggs in the incubator just now. I sure hope they are fertile and hatch!

Black Sex Link or Black Rock
Black Sex Links or Black Rocks are a crossbred between two breeds of chicken, wherein you can tell the male chicks from the female chicks at hatching because of their difference in coloring. There are many, Many, MANY combinations that produce these useful hens. I think the black hen on the left with the lovely brownish-red feathers on her breast are quite lovely. She lays medium sized brown eggs nearly daily because as one of last year's chicks, she is still young. Sean wanted to name her, "Newt." but I was not convinced as that name did not resonate with me. Instead, I call her Penny.  

Australorp Hen
You can compare the Black Sex Link chicken above with the Black Australorp Hen on the right. In contrast to the multi colored feathers of the Sex Link, the Australorp is completely black. The comb, wattle, and red around the eyes also differ. The Australorp hens are very friendly. They will settle onto my lap or Sean's arms and allow themselves to be petted. In the sun, their feathers are so black that they appear an almost iridescent quality to them. These are some of my favorite hens.

Barred Rock Hen
The Barred Rock above is named Emma. She is a lovely, old fashioned type of breed, very gentle with the other hens and doesn't often get involved in any "pecking order" disputes, preferring to scratch the afternoon away looking for bugs. I love her variegated feathers. Emma lays smallish almost round eggs. She is a slightly older hen and doesn't lay each day, but no matter, she is a

I still have yet to capture good pictures of a Rhode Island Red, a Lacey Wyandotte, and a Buff Cochin. I will continue to try and post them when I get some!

Have a great day!
Sonja ♥

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  1. So far the Buff Orpington is my favorite! Can't wait to see more.