Saturday, May 19, 2012

Morning Musings

Even with the alarm set to 7am, in an effort to "sleep in" a little this morning, my natural clock has me awake by 5 am. I laid in bed, awake, but thankful for the shared body heat trapped in a cocoon of down quilts and blankets. It is a marked contrast to the chilliness of our room, with its window open, letting in the coolness from the night before. The dawn is starting to break and the sky is lightening. As if on cue, the roosters begin their cacophony of "Cock A Doodle Dos!" emphatic that everyone be as awake as they are. I am not ready to be awake yet. I'd rather go back to sleep. Instead, I read in a book from my night stand and listen to the soft sounds of Sean's breathing. At least, one of us is enjoying some more time dreaming. I don't begrudge him his rest. He is certain to need it for our planned work day around the farm today.

Our last Saturday was a blur of activity which produced very little accomplishment. Today, should be much better. The roof to the chicken coop has been weighing heavily on our shoulders. We will both rest much better with it finished. Then, Sean is going to built a new milk stand from a design in one of my books. I am very excited about this. The goat kids are already 6 weeks old, and we have yet to milk Ellie with any effort to regularity or use the little milk we have gotten.With the addition of the milk stand, that changes today.

A small bonfire to burn more of the construction debris and broken wooden furniture stored in the wood shed will help to clean out unusable things and make room for stacking the rest of the 2 cords of new cut wood living currently on the front lawn. And provide a space to keep the riding lawn mower under cover when it is not in use, instead of stored under its tarp.

Then, it is time to finish adding rails to the new pig yard and to move the pigs down to their new home. They are going to love their new digs with its 8 ft x 8 ft building and its 625 square footage of yard for them to dig up and sun bathe in. Their new home is getting fresh siding of cedar shingles later this summer and a brand new door, but I don't think they will mind the construction noise, too much.

If all that gets finished, we may have time to reconfigure the hen yard and add the last two 15 ft fencing units to expand the size of the chicken and duck yards. That should not be a very difficult project in terms of time or strength and will be a nice ending to an honest day of work.

Sean's alarm is going off, signalling that it is time for us to pull our lazy bones from this bed and get cracking on our day.

I hope you all enjoy the sun!
Sonja ♥

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