Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kristen & Meaghan -VS- 2 Cord of Fire Wood: Video

We have been picking away at the pile of fire wood living on the front lawn, a little at a time. Today, Kristen and Meaghan pitched in (again) to deliver another five trailer loads to the wood shed, where they stacked their haul. While this was taking place, Sean watered the animals and then, worked on building a new gate for the Doe paddock. I helped him by feeding the critters, collecting and caring for the chicken eggs, and then busied myself re-potting the variety of  36 pepper plants which had overgrown their starter pots. They are almost ready to go into their spots in this year's garden beds.

I am so proud of how well the girls worked together to help with this necessary chore. It makes life better for the whole family when everyone is eager and willing to pitch in. Or, at least, can be bought for the small price of being allowed to watch a TV program and roller blade in the basement un-nagged by Mom, once this chore was complete. However you want to think of it, I appreciated the attitude with which the assistance/assignment was carried out. :)

Kristen learned how to drive the riding mower, too. The blade was not engaged, but she got the hang of handling pretty quickly. In no time, she could turn it on, adjust the choke, put it into gear and was zipping around the lawn.

That's my girl! Sonja ♥

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