Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ryan's Chicks

As I said we would, Sean and I took 10 minutes tonight (Friday) to candle and check all the eggs in the incubator. The temperature has been holding steady at 95-98 degrees since Tuesday. As best as we can tell, 21 of the 34 eggs in the incubator appear healthy.

We set 6 Cochin eggs and we have 3 with definite signs of development. Of the other 2 Cochin eggs, 2 may have a blood ring (indicating miscarriage) and one did not appear to be fertilized.

Of the 9 Americauna eggs we collected, 7 look promising. The other 2 might be fertilized, but it was very difficult to be sure because of the color and speckles on the shell. We marked these. We'll keep these in for another week and recheck them.

At least 11 of 19 "Barnyard Beauty" chick eggs look to be developing properly. Six of the remaining eggs are questionable as to whether or not they are growing chicks and 2 do not appear to be fertilized.

We will keep the questionable ones of these for another week, just in case we missed something. You can see the difference between the fertilized, development egg above and the unfertilized egg below.

Though Ryan and I set the eggs a week ago, I am really only counting that they are a couple days old because it took a couple days for the incubator to get to over 95 degrees. By my best guess, we should have chicks around August 11-14th. Can't wait! Thanks for visiting the farm today.

Sonja ♥


  1. I love watching them grow. thank you for posting the pics of your candleing. cherie

  2. Wow, cool pictures! Good luck with everything!