Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rudy's Update

Each morning, I check the chick cage with a sense of apprehension. Chicks are not the most hardy creature to begin with and you sometimes lose one without any warning signs of distress. Add to this, my real knowledge that we have a chick with a clear physical deformity and my chances of finding that it did not survive the night, and you can see why. I am very pleased to announce that Rudy is hanging in there.

Kristen has become her champion. (I have settled on calling it a her, since I am HOPING that this be so.) Krissy has taken over much of the daily feeding, watering, and cleaning for Rudy. Which adds another layer to my concern for this chick. The effect it could have on my daughter's emotional well-being. I love that Kristen is large hearted, colored with a strong streak of defending the weak, maimed, and outcast. I just hope and pray for both of them that a happy ending is around the bend.

To that end, we have removed all the bracing from Rudy chick. It wasn't helping at all, and it was hurting her each time we strapped on some new idea. Through researching and discussing the situation with the good and knowledgeable My Backyard Chicken Forum folks, it was suggested that Rudy might have a B2 (riboflavin) deficiency and that an avian vitamin regiment might be useful. I ordered some online from Dr. Fosters, along with a good broad spectrum avian antibiotic (for my growing veterinary medicine cabinet). This won't be delivered for several days. Willing to try anything and unwilling to wait, the girls and I picked some up at the local pet store and started Rudy on it yesterday. I cannot report any miraculous healing, but Rudy is alert, alive, and seems intent on remaining both. I second this thought whole-heartedly.

I have been remiss on capturing pictures or video for the past couple of days, but will try to make some time to do so later this evening. So, check back this posting for that addition.

In other happenings, I made another double batch of chevre cheese this week which I flavored with chives and garlic from my garden. I sent half home with Daddy Dale to share with the rest of the Twombly's and the other half home with my good friend, Nancy. I thought it was delicious, but I wanted some other opinions before I decided to keep the recipe I used and developed as one of MY recipes to offer at farm stands, markets, and the like. Since I gave away all the cheese I was using for Sean's morning bagels, I whipped up another single batch for our own use last night. It is still setting in the oven, but should be ready to drain in another hour or two.

The dreaded Japanese Beetles found Sean's grape clusters and decimated all the growing goodness on at least two of the vines. I set out some bait and traps in the hopes of saving what is left of them. We do still have a decent supply growing, but those poor grapes have had their share of being eaten by everything, but US! It would be really appreciated if we could score at least a few clusters for our table.

The tomatos are doing wonderfully well. The hot peppers are all growing and developing peppers. I am looking forward to making some salsa before too long. Our cucumber plants are budding well- so far, no trouble there. The watermelons are doing about as well as they ever do. Even with the extra heat from being planted in black rubber tires, they are still on the small size. The jury is still out on them.

We are collecting nearly 3 quarts of milk from Ellie each day. I made buttermilk, which I was very pleased with and if I am careful, will not have to buy again until Ellie dries off. I also made yogurt. It IS yogurt, and that is just about all that can be said for it. Sean loves it and eats it mixed with berries and a little sugar, frozen or from the fridge. It is too tangy for my taste, so I will continue to work on that recipe. When I think I have mastered it, I will try it out on my panel of tasters for their approval.

We have been taking the dogs to the local dog park each week. They are loving that and I will have an entire post about it, when I have the time to sit and do it justice.

For now, work is beckoning and then, I think all the Twomblys in Maine are headed to Echo Lake for the afternoon. It looks like it is going to be a great day for hiking and swimming. Thanks for stopping by!

Sonja ♥


  1. So happy to hear that Rudy is still hanging in there! Sounds like you've been really busy around your place lately.

  2. I am glad Rudy seems to be doing better. I am glad all the Twombly's are safe and sound and having fun.