Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Day at Echo Lake

What a long, but wonderful day! Sean and I had to work a little this morning at our paying jobs, but then, the visiting North Carolina Twomblys and the Twomblys/Sanders in Maine all spent a couple of hours at Echo Lake.

The young girls and Grandma Becky spent the time swimming, even though it was really windy. The temperature read 75, but it didn't feel like that to ME!

Sean, Ryan, Dale and I all climbed the Beech Mountain Cliff Trail. It was just perfect weather for that. At the top, we shared a "victory melon"- a small, sweet watermelon, which we carried up the 1/2 mile vertical trail in Sean's back pack.

After an ice cream and a few minutes flying out over the pond in the tree swing in Trenton, we stopped at Bird's Acres in Ellsworth to see the owls, hawks, and walk the Boardwalk Trail.

At home, it was time for the evening chores. We intended to move the 11- month old chicks into the Main Coop Area, but that plan was abandoned when both Australorp pullets walked through the chain link fencing without a fuss. The young chicks were repopulated into the chicken tractor once again. Additionally, when we attempted to move them into the coop, Rufeo was very quick to assert his status by chasing the new chicks and snatching feathers from their little heads. Bad Rooster!

Rudy was fed and watered through the evening hours by Kristen, who has been attentive and wonderful in her care of Rudy and then, she was put to bed for the night to snuggle into the "chick pile". Rudy is hanging in there, which I am pleased to see. Even though we are working the fused knee joint periodically, I have yet to see any improvement with that. But, the vitamin regiment we've begun is only on its second day, so there is still hope for improvement. At least, there has been no set back.

I strained and herbed a new batch of chevre, which I thought was delicious and I pressed our guests into tasting. Sean happily showed his brother his skills with the milking and gave Ryan a quick lesson in proper technique. Perhaps in the morning, Ryan will try his hand at it? We'll see!

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  1. Look at my love man with that superman curl! He is so handsome!
    I am glad everyone had a great time. I know I would have frozen my tail off.