Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Abigail's Morning: My First Movie

So, I discovered a new ability to create and edit movies from my digital camera. My first movie is about the theatrical masterpiece one might expect. However, now that I know I have this cool function available to me, expect (or prepare yourselves for) lots more edited movie posts.
Mwa ha ha ha...

For now, I am pleased to present: Abigail's Morning on the Farm-

I just watched this and laughed so hard. Okay, I need a lot more practice on transitioning. Noted.

Our niece, Abigail spent the night with our girls last night and was only too eager to wake up and help us with feeding all the animals this morning. We started with the month old chicks still living in the chicken tractor in the front yard.
From there, we gave Jasmine her grain. And, we visited with the grown goats. Jedi was being a pest doing his best to eat all the grain before his girls got any. But, we out smarted him by feeding them in separate places.

The growing goslings enjoyed their grain and cracked corn, choosing to eat it from the scoop, rather than with the ducks and chickens in the main coop yard. We granted them this allowance because they are cute... and fluffy... and friendly... and really, how could we say "No?"

We scooped another helping of feed for the Cochins living in the chicken tractor in the back yard. Instead of taking two trips, we got the feed ready for the pigs and the kids, too. Patches and Ebony were very pleased to see their morning meal and were fairly polite waiting while we took pictures before feeding them.
This is NOT the way to do it.
Much better. ♥
In the Cochin tractor, Abigail collected one egg from the nest box, fed the chickens, and had a lesson on holding small hens so that everyone felt safe and content with the arrangement. 
Chicken Whisperer. A Real Pro.

Final Lesson: Chickens are curious and WILL peck your fingernails, especially when they are painted a lovely sparkly shade of purple! No one was injured, but Miss Abigail thought that perhaps, play time was over for a while.

In Abigail's own words: "Weeeellll, it was just a bit dirty, but overall it was pretty fun. I did not get to wear flip flops, which I usually do because they were too thin and my feet would get dirty. The best part was I got to see the chickens and the goats and the horse. Having to go into the unmucked stall was my least favorite part." For Mom: "Please, let me come here again! and maybe some chickens at MY house!"

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  1. Oh my, she had quite the morning! I hope she has learned how easy she has it around here. I am glad she had such a great time!