Sunday, July 8, 2012

Abby Comes to Visit

Grandma Becky, Grandpa Dale, and Abigail (whom our Abigail is named for) came to visit tonight for lasagna, a cool off in the wading pool, a visit with the goats and chicks, and a few games of XBOX 360. It was a great visit.

First, we served herbed goat cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes, which everyone said they enjoyed and since they all disappeared, I choose to believe them. I love our creation, but I will admit to being worried that I think our cheese is better than it is. This starter was followed by lasagna, since I had been wanting some for a while and am returning to my diet tomorrow, which will NOT include pastas or processed foods. Becky brought the most delicious orange glazed pound cake. The human kids gobbled that up and returned for more!

After dinner, Dale and Sean screwed in more 2x4's to support the plywood sheets I ordered this week and extended the barn's roofed area another 8' ft square. Every little bit helps move us towards the finish line in this project. It is tediously slow work because we will not go into debt to build it or any other part of our farm. We pay as we go and built as we can afford to do so. While Sean and his Dad were building, we women-folk enjoyed watching the goslings grazing at our feet, the girls playing in the pool and talking.

Abby loved playing with Meaghan in the wading pool, but I coaxed her out of it to feed strawberries to the goats in the pasture with me. Uncle Sean distracted the goats, who are only too willing to push their nosy little noses into any unprepared visitor's face. We climbed onto the wood spindle and fed our supply of treats. Uncle Sean captured the video for us. Then, Sean fed the goats some brush branches while we slipped out of the fencing. Ellie happily followed us out for her evening milking. Dale, Becky, and Abby watched Sean collect our nightly quart of milk.

After Abby dried off and slipped into new clothes, it was time to be rewarded by holding one of the freshly hatched chicks for just a couple of minutes. All three of the chicks that have hatched so far all have Cochin fuzzy-feathered feet. The other eggs have not made any more significant progress, but we are hopeful that in the morning, others will have hatched. For tonight, the new chicks are dry, warm, and chirping in the brooding tank. We have another 25 eggs still in the incubator. I wonder how many will hatch by morning. I feel sort of like when I was a little girl and my parents would plan to drive to Maine to visit my grandparents in the middle of the night. I would go to bed early, so the trip would come all the sooner. It makes me want to go to sleep early tonight!

Abby and Becky also braved tasting goat's milk for what I am fairly certain was the first time. Abby drank hers still warm freshly filtered from the goat pale. Check out Abby's review in the video.

All in all, it was a great visit.

Sonja ♥

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