Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chickens are Hatching: VIDEO UPDATE (Graphic)

We came home from our Sunday meeting and found that the chicks had begun hatching. I am so excited because I was unsure of whether any in this batch were going to make it. As of now, 6 have begun peeping out of their shells.

This baby is only a few minutes old, but listen to how loud this little one's lungs are!

With some encouragement from the chick hatched a few hours before, this little one finally flexes and breaks fully out of the egg. I was worried because this chick had not progressed for over 10 hours in its egg. I was worried that I was going to need to interfere if the stale-mate continued. Thankfully, that was not necessary.

As of Monday night at 10:30 pm, we have 8 chicks hatched and thriving. Two others have made pips in their eggs and several others can be heard peeping and pecking away inside their eggs.
We'll keep you posted! Sonja ♥


  1. Hmmm...they are really not all that cute at first are they!?

  2. Congratulations! No matter how many hatches I do, I never get tired of watching a chick works its way out of the shell.

  3. Shoot fire and save matches that poor thing looks like a hot mess!! He is tuckered out, I guess it is hard work getting out of that shell. I look forward to seeing him again all dry and fluffy!

  4. That first video was one of the cutest things ever. The second, not so much! Haha. I've never hatched my own chicks before but look forward to doing it someday.

  5. They get to looking cute pretty quickly, but as with most birthings, it is a messy business for all concerned.

    I recommend hatching chicks. This was our 3rd attempt at hatching ANYTHING. Even with a power outage, the automatic turner malfunctioning, the ones that don't make it, and all the other concerns that tear at your heart, playing with the strong, healthy peeps that do, makes it all worth the effort.