Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No Fenn Was Harmed in This Venture

It seems to go in cycles. Both last year and the one before were fairly uneventful. I guess it was time. It has been a bad season for fleas this year. Add to the unseasonably hot temperatures, Fenn's nearly impenetrably thick fur and you begin to see the necessity for shaving him. I did not envy Sean this task and left him to it.

After about thirty minutes of work, Sean accumulated a pile of fur big enough to spin into a skein of yarn. We didn't, instead choosing to sweep it up and throw it away. Fenn was not pleased with anything about this process. He wiggled and squirmed, whined and eventually decided that he was finished with this foolishness and began growling at Sean. It was decided that a break was in order for both Sean and Fenn. This grooming should help with both flea control and assist Fenn with keeping more comfortable in the summer heat. He'll need more attention, but for now, it is a start.

Before and After:


Angus was not left out in today's doggie grooming activity. While Sean was coaxing Fenn's cooperation, I bathed Angus and then used scissors to clip him. He was at least as unimpressed as Fenn with this turn of events, but since he is both older and smaller in size, I was able to give him a fairly decent grooming.

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  1. Fleas are from the debil! Fen is soo handsome! Angus is cute too.