Monday, July 9, 2012

Chicks Hatching Update: Video

This morning we woke to find a total of 6 chicks had hatched completely and the beaks of 5 more sticking through pips in the eggs. The sounds of tap-tap-tap and pips were heard from 4 other intact eggs. Today looks to be like it will be a busy day around here for chick hatching!

Alas! We both have to get to our regular jobs, so the sense of suspense we are feeling and any you might share will go unsatisfied until late this afternoon. I don't even have any more pictures to post yet because I hadn't the time to spare this morning to take them. But, do check back on this posting later for both an update and pictures/video.

Our chicks are already a hand full. ♥

Almost 24 hours old.


Thanks for visiting!
Sonja & Sean ♥
It doesn't take long before the little peeps are running around.

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