Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thank You to YOU!

We have been writing and journaling this blog since May. We have enjoyed chronicling our spring and summer with you; sharing our successes and challenges. Our intent was to invite you into our lives, to meet our family and the animals we care for, who may also provide eggs, cheese, or soap for you.

How could we guage the success of that? One measure was based on the number of visitors to our site. Our goal has been to breach the 2,000 visitor mark in one month. It is with much joy that we have reached that goal this month (October) thanks to the 2,366 virtual visitors to our farm-representing more than 15 countries from Russia to Greece, the Philippines to Malaysia and, of course, dear friends, family, and customers here at home. Thank you all for your interest, your encouraging comments, and your helpful suggestions. Now that we have reached that goal, it is time to set another. Our new hope is to entertain 3,000 visitors in a single month. It is a lofty dream, and one that will take some time to achieve, but worth it.

Another marker is the number of "members" who read this site regularly. We have grown to 32 members- (You are welcome to join this site for free HERE.) What a wonderful beginning! We hope to increase our readership to at least 50 members. If you haven't joined our "regular readers" yet, but you visit us often, what are you waiting for??? We would love to have your company on our journey.

Again, we thank each of you who take the time to check in with us from time to time. Your visits encourage us when the rains come, the llamas rebel, or we lose a chick. Sharing the wonderful births of new fluffy chicks and ducklings and sweet baby kids, exchanging recipes for soap, salsa, and canning goods and sharing a bounty of eggs and produce with you brings us unequaled joy.

Photo Taken By: Beth Rhodes 2009

Thanks for visiting tonight. We hope you'll stop back in soon. ♥

The Twombly Family of Lally Broch Farm

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  1. Just FYI, I follow you in my reader, and have for awhile. So most likely, you actually have more readers everyday than you think :)

  2. How wonderful! Congratulations, Sonja! Well deserved. I'm proud to call myself a follower and regular reader and commenter. I've loved getting to know you and your animals. Thanks for letting me follow along in your journey :)

    1. You are one of my favorite blogs, too! (If you haven't read it yet, you can find Tammy's blog at:
      It has been so wonderful getting to know you, Tammy. :)

  3. I've joined and enjoy your blog. It will soon have more meaning, as we just closed on our own Southern Maine farmhouse today. My son wants 2 horses and a giraffe. We shall see what we add. :)

    Here's our farmhouse.

    1. That is awesome! You are not very far away from us here in Central Maine. If you end up with a giraffe, we might come for a visit!

      Sonja ♥

  4. I am a regleo person. Abby used to say that instead of regular when see was a wee one and I stole it. I lurve your blog and you for that matter, well the whole Twombly Sanders crew really.