Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farm Stands

Wild Turkeys Along the Road Side
Today was a much needed "day off" from work at both my paying job and from working around the house and farm. I planned to visit my daughter, Caitlin and enjoy some time visiting, shopping and eating lunch together. As usual, we had a lovely time browsing the stores to purchase the things on my list and a couple of other items that found their way into my buggy. But, on my way there and back, I stopped a couple of times to browse around at a few farm stands I found along the way. 

This stand in the Thorndike/Knox region is located on Route 137 just past the "Hill Top" store. Unfortunately, it seemed closed both times I passed today. Too bad! The various signs advertised lots of yummy offerings. I was interested in looking around. Undaunted, I continued towards Caitlin's home.

This little stand sat at the bottom of a driveway on Branch Mills Road in the small town of Palermo. A well kept, large "U" framed greenhouse to the right of it and a huge garden plot just across the road testified to the time and effort these folks put into planting and growing, tending and harvesting crops this year. This stand offered a variety of onions, squash, pumpkins, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and beets. 

What impressed me more than the quality and variety of foods available was this hand written sign affixed to the back of the stand: "Please Pay What You Wish *** Pay What You Can *** Thanks!" and a metal honesty box fastened to it's side. This is where I live. It is not perfect, certainly. The days have passed where I could turn on the TV and still feel shocked to hear about a robbery, a murder, or another "bath salts" incident on the local evening news the way I would have in my teenage years. But, despite those growing concerns, Maine remains largely untouched by the world outside. In rural towns, neighbors know one another, doors are left unlocked, and items for sale are priced by your conscience and ability to pay for them.
Closer to our home, in the next town over, I pass North Branch Farm regularly when I drive through Monroe. Can I tell you how inspired I am by all they have accomplished in just a few years time??? It seemed that the fencing, cows, and sheep all popped up over night, but that is certainly not how easy it happened to the folks who are living there and making their dream a reality.

I am looking forward to following along their farm and orchard's adventures through their blog posts HERE. Reading about folk who have done what I want to do inspires me to continue to work towards reaching OUR dreams; of one day growing our farm to where it can support our family's food needs and those of some of our neighbors, too. To living a simple life of devotion to our faith, our family, and helping our neighbors. To remembering the value of finding contentment and living surrounded by less stuff and more people.

"No wind is the right wind when the port of call has not been chosen." I do not know who originally coined the phrase, but it is an adage that I think of regularly.

By this time next year, I want to offer for sale (or for barter) fresh, naturally grown produce from our garden at a little farm stand at the end of our driveway, guarded only by an honesty box.


The port has been selected, soon will be the time to set our sails and plot our course. For now, it is time for some sleep.

Good night, friends. Thanks for visiting with us today.
Sonja ♥


  1. Awesome post. I remember on more than one occasion going to Mary's Barn when the owners were not there but they left the store open and trusted that you would leave what you felt was fair. I look forward to seeing your farm stand in the not too distant future!

  2. I love the idea of an honesty box. I was kind of amazed when I first saw one out here in the country where we live. I'm trying to get rid of the city mentality that everyone will rip you off haha.