Monday, October 1, 2012

Something is Not Quite Right

It is the time of year where we must decide who to breed with whom. That choice is considerably hindered in that we have been unable to find a registered Lamancha buck to purchase. Which leaves Master Jedi as the only game in town. This is not completely undesirable in that the does we are breeding this year are not registered themselves. The best scenario is to increase the percentage of breed in their offspring by matching the does with a registered Lamancha buck. The kids born would be 75% Lamancha and 25% Boer or Saanen- depending on their respective momma. Breeding the does with Jedi will give us grade kids- not nearly so desirable in terms of the value and lineage of the kids, but the upside is that we will still have 3 does producing milk. And milk produces cheese and soap. We will not be expanding our herd with any of the kids born this spring; these must all be sold. So, unless we find a suitable buck immediately, it is better for our purposes to breed the does with Jedi so we can gain valuable milk than to wait another year without. 

Miss Pepper seems to understand this. We came home to find her escaped from her field and visiting the bucks in the other field. If Mohammad won't come to the mountain, what else is a doe to do but to take matters into her own hand hoof? She looked very confused about how she came to be in the wrong pasture, but we weren't buying her innocent act for a second.
Asher did not seem to mind the intrusion, nor was he interested in anything other than the potential rival for eating his hay. He is growing bigger by the day and will make a fine buck for Rachel and Leah in later years.

Jedi was very interested in l'amour. He was sniffing, curling his lip back, rolling his eyes, and acting the fool to win the affection of his intended. Pepper may be playing coy, but her tail flagging was missed by no one. Since Pepper seemed interested in Jedi's affection, we decided to let her enjoy them for a short while.

It is our intention to arrange dates for Jedi with Miss Rachel and Miss Leah this month. If all goes to plan, we are hoping to have the girls bred between November 22nd and December 24th. Our kids would be due 150 days later- between April 22nd and May 24th- in time for the weather to truly break here in Maine, the ground to drain from the showers of spring, and just before our Twomblys come north for the summer. Excellent timing all around!

Let's hope for lots of goat romance in the air in the months to come around the farm followed by the clop-clop-clop of tiny hooves this spring!

Have a great night!
Sonja ♥


  1. I hope all your girls enjoy their dates. I am looking forward to babies!
    Oh, thank you for all the goodies! We opened the box after we spoke with you or I would have thanked you then. Looking forward to using all of them.

  2. Goat exciting! I can't wait to see pictures of the kids in the spring!

  3. Sounds like a good plan to get more milk!!! i would love to try some of your goodies when you make them in the spring!!! cherie