Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nom Nom Nom...

Over the years, Boogie and Tasmanian have developed a complex relationship. What started- when Tasmanian started coming into his own- with random commando attacks on Boogie, has mellowed through the years into a full-fledged cold war. A trip to the vet and the subsequent removal of some testosterone-laden parts has a way of "civilizing" even the most cantankerous male. Oh, Tasmanian is still known to sit inside the house on the backside of the swinging cat door, waiting for Boogie to poke his head through for Tas to swat, repeatedly any time Boogie attempts to come inside. But, it has been a good long time since we have emerged from our basement to find the kitchen floor strewn with tufts of white hair voluminous enough to stuff a fair sized pillow. Boogie, a good ten pounds heavier and covered in a thick coat of impervious fur, calmly licking his paw, not a scratch on him. Tas, young, lean-muscled, and wiry, limping away in disgrace glaring daggers and contemplating his next attempt to try it on with the old man.

With the last four days of almost non-stop rain, the cats have all decided to wait out the wet inside our house. Usually, self-proclaimed "outside cats", they are going a bit stir-crazy. Normally, we feed them on the front porch, but because of the wet outside, the cats are refusing to eat there and have instead begun to stalk anything edible within their reach- including my bowl of ripening tomatoes. Under these dire circumstances, I thought to grab any bowl to hand to offer some food inside, yesterday.

I captured this footage within a few minutes of our cats attempting to eat from it all at once.


I filmed and edited a clip of our dogs at the Belfast Dog Park. I thought it only fair to pay my respects to the resident feline populace. I hope you enjoy!

Good night,
Sean and Sonja♥



  1. Haha, so funny! I can see how one bowl for all of them would be trouble. Thanks for giving us a view of the cats! Great job on the video, too. You perfectly timed the quotes!

  2. I enjoyed that so much! I love kitter cats!