Thursday, October 11, 2012

Barn Building: Part 3

Fall is here with it's lovely colors and crisp weather. As much as we enjoy this time of the year, time is against us. It won't be long before snow will cover the ground. Before the temperature really drops, we have still quite a lot to do to make the barn ready for our herd to spend the winter comfortably.

Last weekend we moved a little closer to our goal of having the downstairs framed and sheathed with doors and windows installed and the second story floor temporarily roofed. We were able to finish sheathing the interior walls of all three of the animal stalls, install a window in Jasmine's stall, and lay a wood floor in the buck's 10x10 stall. It feels good. Real good for the span of time it takes for my brain to remind me that we still have to sheath the other 10' x 30' side of the barn that will house our milk room, tack room, and kidding/hospital stalls.

And, roof this.

And, install the doors and windows.

Before snow falls. Oy Vey! So much to still do before we can turn our attention to continuing the renovations inside our house over the winter months.

I keep reminding myself that we are making progress and we are. I just can't help wanting it to be finished for the year already. To breathe that sigh of relief that everyone will be safe and cozy over the winter months. To be able to turn attention to other things for a little while. To imagine for a minute that day someday in our future where we pull into our driveway to a completed 20x30 barn, painted red, trimmed in white. Our happy herd grazing on brush and greens in one of the multiple pastures fenced for them. The garden raised beds planted to bursting with vegetables and fruit. Our geese and ducks playing in a huge farm pond greet us upon our arrival.

It is a good dream to imagine. One worth working towards.

Good night, Friends.
Sean and Sonja ♥


  1. Wow, y'all've made a lot of progress. Great job! Sometimes it seems like there's a never-ending list of projects on a farm & it can get a little overwhelming at times, but it feels so very good when you've finished one & can cross it off the list :)

    1. You are so right, Shell. The satisfaction of accomplishing something feels so GOOD.

  2. Great job!!! I hope Ellie gets to feeling better, poor girl.

    1. Thanks, Kimmy Jo. It feels good even with so much more to be done. I am wishing Daddy Dale were still here.

  3. Lots of work yet to do, but it will be great once it's done! Just remember the progress you are making every day, no matter how small. I bet it seems overwhelming but little by little you're getting there :)