Friday, October 5, 2012

That's How...

The video speaks for itself. We MUST figure out how she is getting through the fencing without knocking it down before she hurts herself or someone attempting to return her the right field.

I knew Sean was holding down the wire. I had never witnessed him doing it. After seeing this, it became very clear what happened the day I broke my arm. I never knew what spooked Jasmine to gallop across the field, but seeing this made it crystal clear what happened. I was leading Jasmine, holding her lead rope and walking  with her. There was a very thin yellow wire laying on the ground. At the time, I considered the biggest danger, her getting tangled in it, but being so small and Jasmine's strides so wide, I thought it would be fine. If she somehow had gotten tangled, I would have her stop and remove it before telling her to "walk on". At the time, I thought she must have gotten stung by a bee or spooked in some other fashion. It wasn't until seeing this footage that I put two and two together.

I was still holding the lead rope when she took off. I let go, and avoided being dragged, but I landed with enough force to fracture the neck of my left humerus bone. That accident was a year ago November 2. It still aches and I am still working on recovering all of my mobility back on that side- though it is much better than it was and it is improving each week.

Goodnight, friends.
Sonja ♥


  1. Oh Sonja, that was so scary. I love it that you are recovering and im glad you are warning everyone to be careful. hope you find out where she is escaping from. maybe you should put mission impossible tune to her?!!! cherie

  2. You're so right, no matter how well behaved they are any animal can be dangerous. I can't imagine how painful and scary it was that day, but glad to hear you've recovered at least somewhat.

  3. Wow. Good reminder about animals. I bet your accident was scary!