Friday, October 19, 2012

8 Days Progress (Ellie)

Tonight, when I returned home from work, I was pleased to see Ellie wagging her tail, waiting for me and her afternoon treats. Today I came bearing broccoli and spinach. That she has very much regained most of her strength was borne out by the vehemence with which she tore at the broccoli- nearly ripping it from my hand... and I couldn't be happier. Keep it up, dear Ellie. ♥

She made short order of her treats and was left with only fresh hay with which to console herself.  I love seeing that she is getting back a nicely rounded "hay belly". I want to see her gain more weight- muscle and fat stores- over her haunches and hind legs, though.

Ellie won't be bred this year. We had planned on resting her before this trouble began.
But, with THESE being produced at regular intervals, it is (thankfully!) only a short time before Ellie will rejoin her herd in the barn. And, I am getting more confident each day that she will enjoy a full recovery.
Thanks for visiting tonight.
Sonja ♥


  1. Yay, Ellie! So excited when I see good updates. Be careful when holding that broccoli; looks like she could take your hand off with it!

  2. Woohoo, full on pellets! Funny how us human and animal Mommies can get so excited about poo!!