Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today In Pictures

Sean and I snapped some photographs of the chickens and goats this afternoon at snack time. We generally feed and water the animals all in the morning. Around noon, Sean or I bring the goats more hay and check the water containers. In the early evening, we bring fruits, veggies, or other treats and refill any water containers that need it. My favorite time of the day is spending that time with each other and checking everyone over. Because we rarely come empty handed (and like our daughters after school, they ALWAYS think they are starving), we are always greeted like a favored member of the family missing for years. This afternoon's treats included 2 small 8 inch pumpkins and 5 pounds of broccoli flowerettes and stems.

The latest chicks joined the flock today.
Sebastian and his pumpkin.

Sitting was not going to work!

Ruby, Sapphira, and Pepper prefer their hay to pumpkin.

Ellie was too happy to have the pumpkin left all to herself.

Everyone was interested in trying their broccoli,
but Ellie remembered what this was and ate hers with
a voracious appetite.
Thanks for visiting today!
Sean and Sonja ♥

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  1. nice pics sonja and sean. I look forward to seeing all the improvements when we come home in a week or so!! I will look forward to visiting your babies. cherie

  2. Looks like everyone enjoyed the treats. So happy to see Ellie out and devouring the pumpkin and broccoli!