Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Horse Alert!

Good morning! We officially started our day at 6am, awaking to find that the sky had decided to open wide and spill torrents of rain on us. So badly was it pouring that Sean gallantly drove the girls down the driveway to wait for the bus in the relatively dry car. An umbrella alone was not going to work!

Upon his soggy return, Sean grabbed himself a bowl of cold cereal and joined me to check out the wide world of web before it was time for morning chores and his leaving for work. Our family room window looks over the front lawn, across road frontage, and into part of our neighbor's yard. Through the morning fog, we spied THIS: What appeared to be Jasmine across the road, visiting with "Cow Girl", our neighbor's horse.

Understandably, this caused Sean to finish his cereal in two bites, grab his jacket and head back outside in the rain to retrieve our horse! "Cow Girl" has escaped to come visit Jasmine several times over the summer. Regardless, in the name of keeping good relations with those living around us, we thought it prudent to retrieve Jasmine before any misadventures might occur.
Jasmine has not escaped her field to wander from the yard since before spring. She has been spotted pushing against the wire around her pasture frequently to the detriment of the fencing posts and she does let herself into our back pasture whenever the fancy strikes her, despite the quantity of fresh hay available for her to eat, replenished each morning and afternoon. When this picture was taken, this much hay lay untouched on her 4 foot square feeding pallet in the field.

The lack of grass is still always greener on the other side, after all.

I checked out the window to see where the fencing was down, but couldn't see any obvious breaks in it. Suspicious. Sean thought, "She probably pushed under it."- a reasonable conclusion, since Houdini has escaped in this manner before.

But, before he went charging across the road, he peeked into the barn. And, found...

Jasmine in her stall and ready for breakfast. Apparently, our neighbors have acquired a friend for Cow Girl. It will be nice to have another horse in the neighborhood.

This mornings event reminded me of a night not too long ago when my eldest daughter, Caitlin still lived at home.

She was in the family room watching TV late one night, when the light of a passing car shined on what appeared to be her horse walking down the driveway towards the road. Concerned, she yelled to us that she was going to retrieve Jasmine, grabbed her coat and raced outside. Caitlin began to run down the driveway, calling for Jasmine to stop. As Caitlin tells this story, she still doesn't know what made her check herself and turn to look in Jasmine's stall before continuing down the driveway, but she did. Almost simultaneously- as her brain registered Jasmine being in her stall, another car drove past, illuminating a rather good sized moose leaving our yard! I am not sure who would have been more surprised had Caitlin been successful on her charge upon a bull moose, intent on dragging it back to the barn.

The rain has ceased and the clouds seem to be leaving. I hope you all have a pleasant day, wherever you are. Thanks for visiting this morning!

Sean and Sonja ♥

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  1. What a funny story! At least Jasmine is safe and sound and no misadventures occurred :) Sounds like she has given your family some good stories to tell.

    PS - Thanks so much for the sweet comment about Buttercup. I really appreciate it.