Friday, December 28, 2012

Let it Snow...

I am not a HUGE fan of snow, since I neither snowboard, nor ski. Don't get me wrong. I like an occasional cheery snowman in the yard, it brings me joy to lob a perfectly created snowball at an unsuspecting Sean or go on a family adventure involving sledding. Especially, if these things mean that we spend a lazy day home by the fire together.  But, all in all, I would take crisp fall days over cold snowy ones.

Sean, on the other hand, loves the snow. I credit that to his ability to snowboard and that he is a furnace of warmth. But, I think even he was happy when we had finished our first bout of shoveling ourselves out. And, I know he was thankful for a hot shower to warm up with after he and I tackled the last of the 6 additional inches of new snow that covered over yesterday's hard work.

We could pay to have someone plow the snow with a truck, but at $25-$35 a time, that can get pricey. We are very thrifty, relatively able-bodied, and just stubborn enough to shovel, instead. On the upside of this; it is a great work out and it saves the driveway from being gouged and needing to purchase more fill to repair it in the Spring.

This is a video of yesterday's work around Lally Broch in the snow. Like the people, the animals are of good, hearty stock and weathered the storm just fine. Most of the animals prefer to stay inside during bad weather- the exception being Fenn dog and the silly geese and ducks, who are unfazed by the snow. Fenn scared us yesterday when we found him asleep in the snow in his yard. We brought him inside to warm up and dry off, but he immediately escaped out his dog door to his spot in the snow. The ducks and geese were similarly happy to snooze in the snow instead of taking shelter in either chicken coop or their own house. Must be so nice to have a built in down comforter or fur coat.

When we went to bed last night, the snow was still falling and this morning we woke to another 6-8 inches of new snow to remove again. Sean grabbed his shovel and I my snow scoop and we set to work. It took us another solid hour to have us all cleared out, again.

Our system, having worked so well yesterday, was repeated this morning. Sean shoveled a path down the driveway and then, focused on clearing it. I scooped paths to the chickens, cleared the doorways to the barn, paths around the cars, and then, helped with the driveway.
Yesterday, the chickens, pigs and goats were mostly satisfied with remaining inside and fairly quiet during our work. This morning, the chickens were clucking up a storm, themselves. As far as I can translate, it went something like: "We're starving in here!" "It is 8 am already. Hurry with your playtime, woman, and bring us our FOOD!" They were quite boisterous in regaling me with how slow my progress in their eyes. They clearly felt that had they opposable thumbs and shovels, they would have made a much shorter time of it. The hens did not hold a grudge, though, and repaid me with a gift of 6 eggs in the nest boxes.

Sean's morning shoveling efforts:

Jasmine loves the snow. As soon as her door was opened this morning, she walked out to frolic like a colt. I didn't have my camera for a video, but I was able to snap a few still pictures of her antics.

"Ummm... I know you are still shoveling to get to me, but my hay manger is empty, so... I'm just going to run around in the snow a little, instead."

"What snow? I didn't eat any snow. I do not have to listen to these baseless accusations."
The folk of Lally Broch Farm made it through the last good storm of the year 2012. (Ammendment: We got another foot of snow the very next night!) I wonder how many storms 2013 has in store for us??? Thanks for checking on us after our snowy day home. We're glad you stopped in for a visit.
Sean and Sonja ♥


  1. Man, I wouldn't know how to function up there right about now! Glad y'all are fairing well. Looks like hot toddys are in order.
    We got the monkey back from Florida. Due to flight delays we didn't get in 'till, 2:30 a.m. so i haz a tired!, Daddy Dale got back to FL around 5:00! I will get your goodies in the post today, let the smell fest begin!

    1. I am so excited to try your tarts, Miss Kimmy. I am looking forward to post about them and will link with your etsy page, too. :) If I am to be cooped up in this house, at least, it can smell nice!

  2. Meredith/GreenCircleGroveDecember 29, 2012 at 4:52 AM

    Thanks for sharing your wintry day. We had a little over a foot of now here in New York--it always makes me wonder why we built our chicken coop so far from the house! Stay warm--looking forward to more Winter Tales!

    1. I know what you mean, Meredith. Our first coop was located down over the hill into the back 40 some distance, which made caring for the chickens difficult in the winter months. The piggies inherited their place when we built the new coop, but even they have moved across the driveway for the winter months. Just easier that way.

      Thanks for dropping by for a visit.

  3. What at treat is is to see all that lovely white snow.

    1. Not nearly enough! We have had a few good storms over the years but most of the time it is all hype and then barely an inch on the ground. I love snow!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Shoveling snow is definitely a workout! Looks like you guys will have huge muscles by the time winter is over haha.

    I love Jasmine in her coat! I think horses and goats in coats are the cutest things ever. She looks so pretty in the snow :)

    It's awesome that you're still getting eggs! My girls have been taking a long break here lately! A couple of the pullets even decided to molt this year! Apparently it's not unheard of, but not common for them to molt so young.