Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10 Reasons Why We Adore Tasmanian

1. He keeps you on your toes. Petting him could result in peaceful purring or the loss of several of your fingers and perhaps, an eyeball.

2. He tolerates being pet "backwards"... until he has had enough. When that happens, he warns you that your demise is imminent by lightly digging his nails into your flesh.

3. Tasmanian loves Doritos. He would kill you to get to the Doritos in your hand. No, seriously. He is mad about Doritos, especially spicy ones.

4. He still tries to stalk and attack string lures like a kitten. Tas, also, stalks Brighid, who ignores it.

5. He tortures our dog, Angus with his unwanted love and attention. Despite Angus's growls and toothy snaps at him, Tas refuses to budge from snuggling up to Angus every chance he gets.

6. Tasmanian is ever hopeful. Though he plays nicely with all the other cats, Tasmanian harbors a special, singular dislike for Boogie. 10 pounds of muscles heavier, Boogie wins every time. As, Tas limps away, you can see the "next time" written all over his beaten face.

7. Tas drools.... A LOT and on you, if he can manage it.

8. Tasmanian is a traitor. This is no "one person" feline. His favor is mercurial at best and can be bought with treats and lost without warning.

9. He is delightfully striped orange and white.

10. He thinks he is a dog. He is the only cat that ventures into the dog's yard, attempts to take food from the dog's dishes, and sleeps curled up next to them. He annoys the pooches by refusing to be chased like the other cats. And, why would he run? He is sure that if it came to a fight, he would take them all.

Terrible Tasmanian lives up to his name, but we love him anyway.

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Kristen and Sonja ♥


  1. What a fun post! Tasmanian is a cutie. His fur is so pretty! It's so funny that he likes Doritos. The cat I had when I was younger went crazy for pork rinds.

    My parents have a cat with a crazy drooling problem, too! I have to watch when he's in my lap because he will bite on my shirt and drool everywhere. Funny cat!

    Hope you all had a good Christmas!

  2. He is a fine specimen if I ever did see one!