Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boston Aquarium Visit

I beg your indulgence while I play with changing the theme of our blog to reflect the winter that has finally decided to visit us in the Northeast. I will try to settle on a look I can love in the coming days. Meanwhile, be prepared for titles to be off center, colors to randomly change, and backgrounds to appear and disappear faster than afternoon scratch tossed to hungry poultry. Your patience is appreciated.

And, if I can stretch your patience a little further, today's post has nothing to do with farm life at all. It is all about our weekend to Boston with the girls to visit the New England Aquarium. We were only away over night, but we all had a delightful time. Sometimes it feels like all we do is work, work, work... because that is pretty close to the truth. But, we all needed some "away" time. Not a lot, but enough to relax: to walk around the aquarium and look at a slew of beautiful critters that we aren't required to muck out after, swim in a pool, soak in a hot tub, sit in a steam bath, and dry off in a sauna... and guiltlessly order a cheesy meaty take-out pizza delivery after 10pm. No. No. No. I wrote, "guiltlessly" and I meant it. We all needed a little vacation and that is exactly what we had. ♥

Since, much of the activity on the farm front has mostly settled into hibernation-phase, we are eagerly waiting for Spring to begin all kinds of new and worthy projects, welcome new babies of various kinds, and plant for the future. I will have much to share in the coming months of cold days, shoveling snow, chipping out ice containers and stalls, carrying wood, creating crafts, and the like. For now, I thought that I would share some pictures Kristen and I took of the sea creatures we visited with at the Aquarium.

I hope you enjoy!

Banggai Tetras.


I forgot what this was called. :)

Cuttle Fish.

Sea Lions.


Sea Horses.

Leafy Sea Dragon.

Jelly Fish.


Blue Jelly Fishes.

Jelly Fishes. (Kristen is smitten with them. We had over 50 shots of the jellies alone!)

Jelly Fish.

Meaghan, Micayla (our niece), and Kristen before final check out at the Sheraton Hotel.

Thanks for visiting today. We hope you'll come back again soon!
Sonja ♥


  1. Those pictures are so cool! I am so glad everyone enjoyed themselves, ya'll deserved it!

  2. Amazing pictures! I'm you guys had a good time.

    1. Thanks! Are you able to see the blog today? I think I have finished playing with the page layout for a little while. ♥

  3. Great photos! Looks and sounds like you had a fun time. Glad you got to get away for a bit - you all deserve it!

    I love the new winter blog theme! The header photos are all so cute. Love the goat with his head through the cardboard box!