Tuesday, December 4, 2012

While the Humans are Away...

... the Bunny of this house PLAYS.

This morning wasn't exactly a bad morning. There were simply a lot of unexpected, compounding events. For starters, Sean had to get to work early because he had a follow up appointment for his injured finger. (I hadn't posted about this since it didn't occur at the homestead, but Sean had a wood splinter pierce through the lowest digit of his left index finger at work on Friday and had to have it surgically removed at the hospital. He is fine and it is almost completely healed already, but he still needed to do a follow up since the accident happened at work.) Sean needed to follow me to the gas station because I had forgotten my wallet at home yesterday, which necessitated my hoping to get home on the low gas in my car last night and left me where I dared not attempt to drive solo to get gas this morning. I couldn't find one of the items I wanted to send my niece with her new hair clips. I misplaced my favorite pen. It took longer to tidy the kitchen because the automatic dish washer motor died last night. The top of the chicken feeder blew off in the rain storm overnight and it took extra time sorting that mess out this morning. The list just went on and on. I feel like I ran back and forth from my car to the house at least a dozen times before I could finally get on my way.

On the bright side, all the running back and forth, afforded me a rare opportunity to see what goes on when I leave each morning.

Bunny has the run of the house while we are out during the day. The cats don't bother her. The dogs are secluded into their room/run area, so they don't bother her, either. And, her pen door is left open for her to access food, water, and use the proper facilities.

Bunny will hop up on the couch and demand petting when we settle in at night. But, I have NEVER seen the bunny hop along the BACK of the couch in the upstairs living room. I am not even sure how she made it up there! What's more- how did the black throw pillow from the other sofa end up on top of the back of the couch for her to sit upon??? Curious, indeed! I had my camera loaded and sitting at my desk, so I was able to catch a few shots to share.

I love how Tasmanian and Machias closed their eyes and pretended to sleep when I snapped these pictures, seemingly undisturbed by the bunny hovering over them.

I am not buying it for an instant. I strongly suspect that there was mischief a brewin' the moment the beasts heard the door close and the car rumble down the driveway.

I returned home this afternoon to the house looking largely as I left it 6 hours before. And, neither Brighid nor the cats were forthcoming when I questioned them about their day's activities. Perhaps, I shall never know...

Thanks for stopping in for a visit tonight.
Sonja ♥

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  1. Such a beautiful bunny! Glad Seany Sean's finger is on the mend. Your morning was quite the doosy!

  2. Cute bunny... Thanks so much for joining the Original Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop at Dandelion House! Please join us again!