Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ready or Not...

We are located in the dark band predicting 10-14 inches.
It appears that the snowy weather some of our friends from the south and west got hit with yesterday is making its way north to us. According to our local weatherman, we are expecting 10-14 inches beginning tomorrow morning and ending sometime after midnight. That means, preparations to be made tonight for sure.

1. Bath Tub filled with water to flush toilets. ✔
2. Check batteries in flash lights.
3. Water buckets for animals full & ready. ✔
4. Snow shovels moved to mudroom. ✔
5. Wood brought inside. ✔
6. Meals planned that can be made on the wood stove. ✔

That is pretty much it. It usually snows in Maine- a lot in the winter months. And, for the most part around here, life continues on in its normal manner. It means shoveling out paths to get to the animals to feed and/or water them, but other than that unpleasant task, massive snow falls mean a homey day with everyone snug inside. And, in terms of the animals, in my experience, snow is not nearly as bad as bitter, frigid temperatures for our critters to weather.  If it is snowing, the temperatures are above freezing, at least. The fowl are protected in their coops with fluffy feathers, the mammals in their stalls with thick, furry coats to keep them warm. The piggies, who have neither, have a nice pile of hay to burrow into together inside their stall in the barn. And, Ellie, is planning to ride out the storm in the comfort of her own private convalescence room.

Meaghan took the extra precaution of putting Jasmine's coat on her this afternoon.

This was easier said than done because Jasmine thought we were attempting to saddle her and snapped her teeth at us a couple of times, in warning. A stern. "Knock it off!" was all it took to change her mind, and once the coat was secured, Jasmine seemed resigned, if not happy. I am sure that as the snow flies tomorrow, she will be more pleased with our intervention.

If she hasn't removed the coat by rolling- (where she found more mud to roll in, I will never know! Everything is frozen!!!)

I hope you are all ready for the snowy weather and can stay safe and warm inside. I'll post updates later as the storm arrives. Thanks for visiting today!

Meaghan and Sonja ♥

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