Monday, December 10, 2012

2nd Snow of the Season

It was snowing this morning making nobody happy. The girls, disappointed that school was not cancelled, trudged themselves to the end of the drive-way to await the bus. The geese and ducks were uncharacteristically silent, snuggled together in the snow. The chickens lined up inside both their coop and what was meant to be a goose/duck house, casting baleful eyes on the feeding station. The cats were all inside; some were sleeping on the chairs in the piano room. Others were breaking house rules by resting on the folded laundry on top of the kitchen table, which made me slightly annoyed.

This snow is not supposed to last. The weatherman forecast a change over to rain and sleet for most of today. At some point, the snow we get will stop melting away. The ground will freeze solid. And, winter will well and truly have come to Maine. I do not know if this is the inch that begins it for this year or if we will have another brief respite, but it is just as well that we are ready for it, whenever winter decides to come for real.

I felt badly for the birds and warmed them some stale bread in the microwave. I don't generally give them bread because I have read mixed reviews on its safety and nutritional value, but it was a nippy morning and I thought it would be a treat to help warm up their bellies. And, I am out of oatmeal. (I put that on my shopping list.)  While I attended to the morning's feeding chores, I remembered snippets of dreams from last night. Many nights I go to bed thinking of a problem or some situation that needs fixing, solve it in my sleep and awaken with fresh ideas for how to remedy the situation.

I spent much of last night dreaming of creating more hair accessories from lovely feathers, contemplating making another batch of soap, and an idea to make some molded, hangable chicken treats from scratch and gelatin and awoke excited to make this so. I had to drive to Bangor this morning and stop at the grocery store for some soap making supplies before I could tackle any of the projects dancing in my mind.

And then, the day slipped away somehow. The roads were very slick and icy and I was forced to drive exceedingly slow. I did try out my gelatin treat idea, taking pictures as I designed it. 3 muffin tins holding 30 small round treat cakes are cooling and setting up on my counter as I write this. I will know for certain that they were successful tomorrow, when they are unmolded, if they stay together. I will post about the finished product tomorrow whether or not this works out, but I hope it works.
It really should.
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  1. I love the photo and video! I think they appreciated the warm treat :)

    It's so funny because my cats like to sit on my folded laundry, too! I was folding towels last night and Fitz claimed the spot on top of them.

    Your chicken treats sound interesting! I'm anxious to see how they work out for you.

  2. Your such a good birdy Momma! I think the snow is beautiful!

  3. Wow, that snow is gorgeous!! I'm so envious, here it feels like one long summer almost all year long lol. Love the idea of the chicken treats!!!

  4. They don't mind the colds as much as we do. ;)
    Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick