Saturday, August 4, 2012

No kids= A Nice Romantic Day of...

...working on projects on the farm, of course.

We slept in this morning. Sean did not get up at 4:30 am to get us hot water. We did not tend to the feeding and watering chores at the usual 7-8 am. And, I did not start the first loads of dishes or laundry, collect eggs or any other house work that needed doing. We slept in- until 8 am. The only chore that had to get accomplished immediately was milking Ellie (which we did) and then, we drove to Bangor to buy 50 pound bags of dairy goat grain, chicken egg crumble, chicken scratch, medicated chick starter, general livestock sweet feed, 20 pound bags dog food, cat food and 10 pounds of bunny feed. We weren't low on everything, but figured it was as well have it on hand as to go again to fetch it later in the week. Besides, this was our day together without kids. What is more romantic than a trip to the feed store followed by the Home Depot to this country girl's heart? We'll get to that.

At a quick stop at Agway, I was surprised to find us some fresh ears of corn for our dinner tonight. I have been craving corn on the cob all week! And, a couple pounds of fresh beans. I am going to "dilly" them tomorrow. We needed to get either a new handle and repair our post hole digger, or buy a post hole digger at Home Depot. We decided on repairing the one we had. We have at least 6 more holes to dig and fill with posts today. Jedi is getting his own pasture today and that is that.

What is more romantic than a trip to the feed store and the Home Depot to this country girl's heart? A New-to-Me John Deere Lawn Mower! Yup. It was delivered today courtesy of our friend, Greg. The boys took a couple turns with it in the front yard, but left the brunt of the action for me. I ♥LOVE♥ mowing the lawn. I don't know why. I just do.

Getting Jedi moved to his own paddock took longer than we anticipated. In all fairness, we weren't as single-minded in that pursuit as we should have been. We, also, cleaned and treated the pool (in which a little green frog had taken up residence when we began and Sean found a new home for before we finished in the river), visited with our friends BAM & Kiki for a little bit, made two 5 oz cups of fresh chevre, installed the new goat feeders (finally!) to the rails, played with the goats, checked out the new rider, and Sean got an emergency call involving hornets and one of his tenants. And, Daddy Dale was back working on the water heater he and Momma Twombly so generously gifted us with. So, it has been a busy day, just not an overly productive one on our end.

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I guess, we can finish it tomorrow...

Good night, friends.
Sean & Sonja


  1. Great video, it's nice that the goats are so tame, such sweeties!

  2. Great video! When my husband is doing work on the chicken run, they all crowd around him to see what's going on. Didn't know goats did that, too!