Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jasmine's Fence Repaired

We finally (!) got some rain overnight Friday and into Saturday. Our garden appreciated it- even if our chickens and goats did not. We had been watering them daily in the evening, but all the vegetable plants were thirsty for a good soaking rain. As anticipated, all the fruitage exploded in both size and ripened almost overnight.

Suddenly, we had cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers all ready for harvest and the watermelons were well on their way towards that goal. There are at least 8 watermelons started on the 2 groupings we planted and 3 of these are the size of baseballs! This is all very good news. We are expecially pleased with the success of growing tomatoes this year. Momma Twombly fried us up some green tomatoes, which I had not tried before, but plan to learn to make myself. Delicious! ♥
The rain did not stop us from having to work in Jasmine's pasture. Last week, Jasmine snapped the post holding the wire fencing that prevented her from roaming the back field. She was still contained by our back up fencing, but this needed to be addressed. You can see in the picture below, the white wire down across the back of the field area.

Since we were going to be working on the pasturage, Sean and I agreed that it was better to put in more posts all the way around. The photo below shows some of the new posts set before the white wire was attached.

Seven posts later, wire wrapped and fastened with heavy duty staples, the field was once again secure and looked great.

Horse pasture secure, we spent some time playing with our goats. Jedidiah does not seem to be overly concerned with being separated from his girls.  He is still determined to eat as much of their hay and grain as he can by pushing his head against the wire fencing and stealing as much as he can catch on his long tongue, but since the girls aren't complaining about it, I guess it is okay. I think the girls appreciate the lack of head-butting directed at them from Jedi while they enjoy their meals. And, it probably helps that they can see each other, smell each other, and rub noses through the fencing. 

Abigail gave us a little scare yesterday. She was acting strangely. She spent a long time in the pasture off by herself laying down. We wondered if she might have an upset stomach, but she ate her meals fine and her droppings appeared normal. Her behavior concerned us because it is unlike Abigail to want to be away from the others. She snapped out of wanting to be alone when Sean cut and offered the goats some green brush branches.  Then, she was back to playing with her brother. It bears watching, though- just in case. ♥

Caitlin- I thought that you would like a recent video of Jasmine.

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Sean & Sonja ♥


  1. Fried green tomatoes are one of my most favoritest things in the whole wide world!!
    I hope Miss Abigail is O.K.
    My Abigail is doing fine, she helped babysit a little 6 month old with me this morning. I need a nap now!!

  2. I love it when everything ripens after a good soaking rain! I love how you planted your watermelon in a tire. Hope all is well with Abigail. You're wise to keep an eye on her, though, just in case.

    1. The tires looks tacky or thrifty depending on your perspective, but the black rubber keeps the plant really warm to help it grow in the colder Maine weather. It is the perfect height for a raised compost bed for them and also, the shape funnels water into the planting. Best of all, it uses tires that would otherwise need to be disposed of elsewhere.