Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Farm Funny Photo Shoot

Last weekend, Sean and I spent some time working on a photo shoot for a project that some of the "Farm Chicks" from Farm Chick Chit Chat are putting together. It is much more difficult to be on the front side of the camera since I am so much more often behind it, capturing the shots. But, in the end, we put on some good dancing music and just went with it. We wanted to share some of our favorite pictures from the shoot.

Miss Niecy is a born model. Each morning when I enter the chicken yard, she flies up to my shoulder and hangs out there while I scoop feed and collect eggs. She was much more comfortable having her pictures taken. So much so that I began wondering if I was, in fact, her prop. Don't tell the others, but she is one of my very favorite hens.

Miss Buff Cochin allowed me to hold her, but she clucked her concern the whole time. I can't swear that she was trying to direct the shoot, but it sure sounded like that to me.

Of course, not every picture was usable. Some of them cut out my fabulous, rubber wellies. In others, my companions attempted to take flight or otherwise escape the limelight. Still others had such undesirable problems as poor lighting, crossed-eyes, or mouth hanging unbecomingly open. In all, Sean took almost 400 images. We kept less than 20. He is a very good sport. I thought I would, also, include some of our photo "out-takes". They made me smile. I hope they make you smile, too.

In other news, the below freezing temperatures have subsided for a couple days and the warm rain is melting our snow and making the animal yards all sorts of muddy. But, it is a sure sign that spring is getting ever closer. The days of relative rest and planning will become long days of seemingly endless chores before we know it. I am just itching for it, truth be told, but I am biding my time creating more items to sell at our farm stand, etsy store, and perhaps, in area gift shops. Besides our homemade goat's milk soaps, I think I may start to also offer note card sets designed with my original watercolored art work. This is a scene from a beach Sean and I visited on our honeymoon in Cape Breton Island.

It has been some time since I have updated you on the different animals, but I plan on finding some time this weekend to do just that.

Thanks for visiting tonight, friends. We're glad you came by.

Sean and Sonja ♥

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  1. I know ya'll had a blast doing that photo shoot! I am excited to see some more of your artistic creations.

  2. Such funny photos! I love that you showed us the outtakes. My shoots usually go something like that too - taking 400 photos to end up with 20 :)

    Your watercolor is gorgeous! I didn't know you could paint as well. What other talents are you hiding from us? :)