Friday, January 4, 2013

A Day in Pictures

I'm still not feeling great. After doing the necessary chores and working in Bangor until mid-afternoon, a day of pictures is all I have the energy for. Sean is feeling much better. He is planning on spending the evening with his friends playing some strategic board games, the kind that make "RISK" seem akin to "Go Fish." Not this chick! My plan for the evening is cold medicine, hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and perhaps a movie rental to sleep through. But, marriage is a complicated thing. I know my husband well. He'll feel guilty leaving to me "fend for myself" and will be inclined to offer to stay home with me. I like his friends; they are a wonderful group of men and all I want is some quiet and rest. My remedy to help him alleviate those husbandly feelings? I'll ask him to clean the front room and sweep the kitchen floor for me before he goes. Win-Win. Sean will feel suitably useful and I won't feel obliged to clean all night long instead of resting.

So, with no more than that, I leave you with some pictures I took around the homestead today that made me smile. I hope they do the same for you. ♥




Sonja ♥

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  1. Your animals are beautiful. I love the picture of the chicken with stuff all over her back. Did she get under the feed as it was falling to the ground? Sometimes mine get the feed poured on their heads because they can't wait patiently! Hope you feel better soon.

    1. You'll have to tell me which picture that was, Janet. I didn't see it when I scrolled back through them. I think it is just the color of the hen's feathers, if it the picture I think it is. ♥

  2. Ohhhh, you have Oberhasli goats! If I get another goat, it will be one of that breed, I LOVE THEM! Great pics, and hope you are able to rest, so that you get to feeling better!


  3. Beautiful.......they made smile too!

  4. I love all these photos! You have some handsome roosters.

    My husband is obsessed with strategy games! He actually started a strategic gaming club at school and tons of kids have joined!

  5. Stopping by from the blog hop! Love your photos.

    We aren't homesteaders, but are a small farming operation. I love having my husband in and out, but I never mind an evening or day to myself when he is gone for some reason or another.

    Here's hoping your cold is better!