Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lally Broch Soap Give-Away Count Down-

We're on pins and needles waiting to draw the name for the winner of our newest heart-made soaps here at Lally Broch Farm. We will be drawing the winner in 13 hours and counting down!!!

Will it be you??? It's not too late to enter. And, it's simple:

1. Follow this blog. Scroll down to the blue "Join this site" button on the left side of our home page and sign up free.

2. "Like" our facebook page HERE.

3. Follow us on Twitter HERE.

4. Sharing this giveaway with your friends or tweeting about it, earns you more entries. You can do that once each day for additional entries. Check out the original post about the contest HERE.

We're in the final count down to the drawing. Thanks for stopping in for a visit today. We're glad you did.

Sean and Sonja ♥


  1. I'm entered! Whoever wins is one lucky duck :)

    1. I'm glad you're entered. I think you'll like this new recipe I am using.

  2. Oh, it looks like I missed the giveaway. It was my that's my excuse! This looks sooo awesome! I am eager to try soap making sometime.

  3. No worries, Jackie. You made it in well under the deadline. No drawing until 11 pm. I'm glad you stopped in. :)